Monday, December 30, 2013


That was the highlight for me too! It was really great seeing everyone! (The Christmas call)

Lots of good food this past week! A lot of members feed us! 

Haha I told dad about the package! Funny story. It was picked up by a member of our branch. I got it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really made my day getting that! I loved the pictures and the ties!

So transfers are Wednesday. Elder Santos is being transfered to Guadeloupe to be a Zone Leader there. My new companion will be Elder Pratt. I'm excited, I heard lots of good things about him! Also, we are getting sister missionaries down here! First time ever in French Guiana! I think it will be really good for the branch, really will spark some of the work. Elder Santos and I are apartment shopping. 

We set another baptismal date with one of our investigators. Her date is the 18th! Keep her in your prayers! Hopefully a couple of others in January as well! 

Not much new! It's a blessing to be serving here!

Love you! 
Elder Fraley

Elder Call (he's one funny kid!)

Christmas Eve lunch at the Baksh family! They look a little scary, but they're awesome! For some reason, the Guyanese don't smile in pics...
Pres. D'Abreu's son, Moroni 
Elder Santos and Moroni 
Giant anaconda! We came out of church yesterday and saw a crowd of people next door. There is a little river down the street, and this giant anaconda thing was found in it! Biggest snake I've ever seen! They got it out with that tractor.
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Christmas Call

We got to Skype Elder Fraley on Christmas Eve, at about 1:30 pm our time. He was supposed to call at 1, but he had some technical difficulties. But it all worked out and we were able to talk to him for about an hour. It was the best Christmas present! He looks so good and he's just amazing. I could tell he was excited to see us all...he kept smiling and laughing. It was great to see that he's happy. He said going on a mission was a great decision, he loves it and loves the people. He said he has gained some weight. They haven't had much luck with investigators. They are teaching a 9 year old girl but her mom won't let her get baptized. Elder Fraley loves his companion, they get along great! 

Audrey got Emily and Nolan on Skype so they could see and talk to Aaron too!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Elder Fraley did not say much in his email on Monday. It was short responses to questions. He did say that he gets to Skype us on Christmas Eve and that he worked with Elder Miyasaki and Elder Call while Elder Santos was in Trinidad for leadership training. Also they have two investigators coming to church. One of them is a teenage girl who loves going to young womens. And that's pretty much it! He did send some pics though!

crazy home-owners

Elder Miyasaki

Doin' Service

At the beach

This bus is sick, it's decked-out!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Game Night

Sometimes Elder Fraley's emails are hard to follow because he basically just answers my mom's questions or responds to something she said. So I'll try to put in a little info so you know what he's responding to.

Haha Howdy! I could use some snow actually. Released huh? Interesting. I bet he's relieved! He was and will continue to be blessed for his service. (My dad was just released from his calling as stake executive secretary)

(My mom asked how the ham he made for Thanksgiving turned out) Haha the ham was alright! The pineapple/brown sugar stuff didn't really turn out haha wasn't sure what I was doing (the brown sugar down here is weird).... Still good though! 

(A new person in my parent's ward gave a talk on Sunday and he went to the West Indies mission, English speaking) Ask him who his mission president was? Gamiette? Robinson? I've met both of them. Cool story about Gamiette. He's an amazing guy.

Nothin new with our investigators. They're having trouble progressing. One girl is still coming to church! She's been to church 4 out of 5 weeks! She still doesn't know if she wants to be baptized or not. Very timid girl.

(My mom gets the West Indies Mission newsletter and it said that Elder Santos was going home this month) Elder Santos still has about another year. That was a misprint. That was Elder Sosa who went home. We got a laugh out of that too! You'll get to meet Santos this Christmas. 

Love you too! You're in my prayers as well!

Elder Fraley

This is from the email he sent me:

Week's been alright! One of our investigators is still coming to church! She's really shy. Our investigators are struggling with the progression. It's tough. We've met some really great people. Played dominos with an old couple we contacted one night, it was their "game night". Shared a message then I asked if we could play with them! Said, "Loser get's baptized"! (They're Catholic... and plan on dying Catholic) Guess who won! Yup, this stripling warrior. Smoked 'em! I don't think they took the whole baptism thing seriously... ah whatevs. Hopefully we'll get to play them again. That was fun.

other than that, not much.. haha. Sang for a assisted living home with our branch choir. That was a really neat experience! Touching. I sent mom those pics!

Sounds like everything is well with you guys!

Love you! Talk to you soon!

Elder Fraley

We drive safe
My sailor hat! (the FedEx package Dad sent)
We sang carols for a nursing/assisted living home!

The branch choir

Safety first!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving was alright! Not too bad, these Elders are great!

Can't believe it's already December! Where is the time going? It's easy to get lost in the work!

Also can't believe Dad has a beard! Does Dad still have his calling? Haha

We celebrated Thanksgiving last Monday, it was good!

Haha it's easier going door to door with a plaque on that's for sure! Have you guys seen, "The Work of Salvation"? if not, watch it! :)

That was very, very thoughtful of Caitlyn. She's great! Haha give her a hug for me! I miss surprising you with flowers! Its the best! I miss telling you about my day! Good memories (his friend Caitlyn came over last week and surprised our mom with flowers! She's so sweet!)

Can I get more pics? some without me in a shirt and tie? haha there's that USB in one of my boxes that has a bunch of pictures on it of some friends. It's nice being able to show investigators that we're normal people too. 

I was reading through Nate Parker's e-mail, and he puts mine to shame. I just forget everything to say.. Very happy to hear about his baptism! 

Elder Santos and I are great! Working very hard. Unfortunately, we're having trouble getting our investigators to progress. We've had 3 investigators that had baptism dates that are no longer investigators... It's been a little rough. 

However, we've met some really great people recently! A 15 year-old girl has been coming to church! Still working on a date. 

Well, time to go. Love you! 
Elder Fraley

The 4 Elders (Elder Fraley, Elder Santos, Elder Call and Elder Miyasaki) made Thanksgiving dinner. Aaron made the ham.

These pictures are courtesy of Elder Call:

Elder Call's birthday party

Doing Great!

Written on 11/4/13

Dear Family,

Missionary life in Guyane is just peachy. We're currently playing RISK right now, just chillin'. And I just realized, by the time you get this, this will all be, yeah.

Not sure what to write. Last couple of weeks have been slow(ish). One of our investigators is no longer an investigator, said she misses her church, doesn't want to continue with the lessons...what a shame. She came to church 5 weeks in a row, including conference. Never did read and pray though.

Hopefully we'll get a baptismal date with another investigator.

Celebration 2015: 
Will be 25 years since the West Indies have been open for missionary service. Cultural celebration. Every six months, each country will hold cultural competitions (dance, music, culinary). Then, in July 2015, all the winners from each country will be flown out to Trinidad for the big competition. General Authorities might come out in 2015. Should be exciting.

Not much new...

Last week of the transfer...time flies. Can't believe I'm a 12 week trained missionary!

Did a companion exchange with Elder Miyasaki Saturday. Good learning experiences. He's a great, lovable guy.

Read a cool scripture recently, D&C 15:6. Added perspective on the work. It also helped increase my love for those I serve.

Throughout the week, I think of things to tell you guys, but come p-day, I forget most of it...

Don't worry about me, doin' great! :)

Not much of a letter writer...sorry.

Love you!

Elder Fraley

12 week missionary

I'm sorry that there hasn't been a post for 17 days! Holy cow. My computer has some sort of virus and I keep forgetting to take it to my dad to look at it! So here are the last 2 emails we received! They are super short, he never gets very detailed. It's hard getting information out of our missionary! 

 From November 19th: Yeah, got our transfer calls Saturday, and everyone is staying. We have several baptisms planned for this next transfer! Can't wait, praying with all of my heart! It's crazy to think I'm almost 19! I'm a 12 week missionary now, done training. I haven't taken any recent pictures... Sorry, I'll try to be better with that. Elder Call and I, and Miyasaki and I went on exchanges this past week! Good learning experiences! A lot of fun! Great missionaries. We've been making some créole dishes. Soo good! Hopefully I can remember to make them when I get home! Take care Love you with all my heart too :)
 Elder Fraley

 From the 25th: This last week was great! We were really blessed with the teaching! We met some really great and prepared people. In response to info that my dad has a beard: Haha He's growing a beard? and Pres. Jacobson is ok with that? ;) I heard that in Trinidad, they have a bishop with "rasta hair". I was shocked to hear that. We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving today. Sort of. A lot of people down here know about Thanksgiving. They don't celebrate it but they think it's the coolest thing. Time is going by pretty fast. The language is alright. Hopefully we'll have some baptisms this transfer! It will be skype for Christmas Love you! Happy Thanksgiving!
 Elder Fraley

A picture Elder Call sent us. Aaron was splattered with spaghetti sauce!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Short update

This was pretty much all we got from Aaron's last email. There was a holiday on Monday so the library was closed where they usually go to email. Hopefully we get a letter soon or a better update next Monday!
My week has been good! Our investigators are slowly progressing, but we're working hard with them! Not sure if we'll get a baptism in November, but I'm praying for it. Can't believe this transfer is almost over. Might be my last one with Elder Santos. He's great, an incredible missionary. Incredible man. Reminds me of Dad. He's not as cool as Dad though.. ;) Not much time today. We didn't get to e-mail Monday because of a holiday here. Everything was closed. 
Elder Fraley

Monday, November 4, 2013

Kangaroo and Cow Intestines

Everything is great! Even when everything isn't. Satan Does know our weaknesses, and we're constantly under attack. Luckily, we have spiritual armor, to protect us from those fiery darts!

Headaches come and go.. Foot is all better! Joints are okay. 

Crazy to think you guys got snow... Oh what I'd give for some snow right now.

We passed out Book of Mormon's for Halloween! ;) 

Wouldn't guess what i ate this week! Kangaroo and cow intestines! Kangaroo wasn't bad, a little gamey. cow intestines... "tasted good" but the texture is awful. You can feel the cilia (hairs) and rugae  (folds of the stomach, dont remember what the fold of the intestines were called) on your tongue. 

We officially have no more French side Senior couples... So this should be interesting.. Won't be getting anymore for a while.. 

Cool story for the week,
We teach a Haitian lady who's living with a man that she's not married too. So, about three lessons in, we taught the law of chastity. We had set a baptismal date with her prior, but told her that she couldn't be baptized unless she moved out or got married. She recognized that she was living in sin, and needed to get that figured out. Just last week, we taught her again, she told us that they're going to try to get married, as soon as possible! She had a dream, She was in a church assembly, when a man who stood up and told her this, " I've been ordained of God, and I'm here to tell you to get married and baptized, and do it quick!" 

Love you! Miss you! 

Elder Fraley

Monday, October 28, 2013

Staying busy

Haha Not a whole lot happened this week. A lot of opposition. Seemed like nearly everything went against us this past week. It's been rough. But we're good, hangin in there. Almost all of our "rendezvous's" fell through the past 4 days, no one is giving us the time of day, I got a ticket for going 9 over (one of the expenses), my retainer came back out, my joints have been giving me problems, headaches, feet problems, some sort of fungus or mold... The list goes on. Satan is trying to make our lives miserable down here. But he's going to have to try harder than that. 

I have to buy medication, pay for dental appointment, and the ticket.... I've been taking real good care of my feet. Changing socks several times a day and drying them off good. Still got something though. 

P-days are pretty chill. Shopping, e-mails, cleaning and laundry, but then, since we don't have a senior couple, and since Elder Santos is the ZL, we have to do everything that the Senior couple normally would do, and then some. We run around a lot, stay busy. I did get those pictures, last monday actually right after i had e-mailed. Can I get some pics of Friends too??

I don't know how long I'll be here. But i'm guessing it'll be a while. The four of us have a lot of clean-up to do. About every other week we'll have a member or even an investigator feed us.

Keep feeding those missionaries! 

I'm sure the quiet (at the Fraley home) is hard to get used too... We were loud. 

We speak English on occasion, it's weird. We go from English to French, French to English throughout the day, sometimes in the same conversation. But we're trying to speak less and less English. To the point where I don't need it. Language is coming alright, slow and steady. Staying somewhat healthy! 

I wanted to apologize again for funds. I didn't contribute anything... I feel really really bad. I'm very sorry.

We did get to teach an in-active member yesterday. Return missionary actually... Sad story. Powerful spiritual experience. I could feel the spirit speaking through us as we talked about the atonement. He has a testimony just has lost his faith. You can't have a testimony without faith, but once you get that testimony, because of spiritual experiences, you don't ever lose it, he said. 

It's cool to see how quickly you can grow to love someone, complete strangers. 

Love you! Can I get a list of Birthdays too? and pics of friends haha 

Ill try to send home another letter today or this week. 

Love, Elder Fraley

From the email he sent me:
We've been learning about Joseph Smith/Church history as we cover D&C in my primary class. I was telling him that our lesson was on the martyrdom yesterday.

That is an emotional story. Makes me emotional! I've noticed that I've become more emotional and sensitive since I've been away. It's a good change. Sensitivity is still manly. My testimony was strengthened yesterday at church, when the primary and congregation sang, "We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet". My testimony of prophets was fortified as we sang. Nothing cuter than a bunch of adorable kids speaking French. 

Love you too! Elder Fraley 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Lord is preparing His children

Zone Conference was great! Cool, fun experience. Not a lot of missionaries get to do what West Indies missionaries get to do. We see and experience a lot of different things. I crossed a massive river, on the border, in a canoe. The rain is warm and lizards every night. (My mom had asked him if it is warm when it rains and if there are lizards and bugs in their apartment every day.)

Just last Tuesday, we went dowtown to do some paperwork. We didn't get ten feet from the car when someone stopped us. They had been taught previously, several years ago, by missionaries and wants to be taught again. As we were talking to him, another guy pulled me aside, same thing.  Wanted a Book of Mormon. Wants to be taught again and wants to come to church. As my companion was talking to the first guy, and as I was talking to the second, a lady walked up to my companion, gave him her name, address, and phone number and told him she wanted to be taught again. Then walked away. 30 Seconds later, as we were still talking to those two gentlemen, a man in a wheel chair, across the street, wheeled himself across the intersection, through traffic, to me, and told me to come talk to him when I was done. He then wheeled himself back. After we had finshed talking to the two men, we made our way across the street. The man in the wheel-chair had been baptized, many many years ago, but wants to come back to church. We grabbed his name and number, and made our way back to the car. On the other side of the road, a man was just standing there, looking at us. We crossed, then he approached us. He had been waiting for us to finish talking with the man in the wheel-chair. He had also been previously taught, many years ago, and wants to be taught again.... Needless to say, we were attacked! Cool experience, with listening to the promptings of the spirit and being in the right place at the right time. The Lord is preparing his children. 

Cool, sort-of confusing story... :)

Elder Miyasaki on the canoe, river-crossing (Elder Call's new companion)

I'm here for a unique reason

Just FYI: This letter was written on 10/5, before the last post I put on the blog. 

This last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, President Mehr, his wife, and the assistants came to Guyane. We had a fireside with him. In our meeting prior, we discussed the missionary work in Guyane. Things are not going well. Guyane used to have several hundred active members and a district with 3 branches. Now, one remaining Branch and roughly 50 active members.

Guyane has only 4 missionaries (least amount of missionaries in one country in our whole mission). Guyane is the only area without a senior couple. Also, we are the farthest away out of all the islands and countries. The mission president informed us that he trusts us. He and the Lord has the 4 of us here for a very unique reason. Exclusively in Guyane, in the West Indies Mission, missionary work is about to change dramatically. A different and unique way to do missionary work. It is going to be exciting! :) Very difficult, but exciting. I wish I could explain it...not enough time.

There are some great missionaries in this mission. President Mehr promised us, that the Lord only sends His best here. There is no other mission like this one. It's a very difficult (a lot of temptation) mission. And it's my privilege to be working along side such incredible servants of the Lord. The Lord doesn't settle for mediocrity. I've learned so much from the missionaries in this mission, specifically Elder Santos. There's nothing mediocre about the missionaries here or this mission. What and honor and privilege!

President Mehr left Wednesday. Elder Santos and I took him (6 hour drive to Suriname border and back) to Suriname.

Thursday, Elder Santos had to go with an Elder to Trinidad, so Elder Call and I drove them to Suriname, so they could catch a plane. For the past couple of days, and for the next week, Elder Call and I have been and will be the only missionaries in the entire country. Our French isn't great, but we get by. We are covering 2 areas, with 2 vehicles with little or no gas, with 2 bikes in areas typically too large for bikes.

Haha we're doing fine. Kind of fun. The Lord is quickening our growth and progression as missionaries, that's all. But He is looking out for us. We're being blessed. (Aaron loved the time he got to spend with Elder Call!)

I set a baptismal date with an investigator! It's set for the 26th of October. She is progressing well! And we've set goals, to set 6 other baptismal dates. I hope and pray they all work out.

Haha unfortunately, Conference isn't in English. Hard to understand and get a lot out of it...


Today is P-day, Oct 7th. Still on our own until Wednesday. We will pick up Elder Santos and Elder Call's new companion at the airport. Today was our first "rain experience". It has rained before, but we've always been in-doors or in a vehicle. We were on bikes...down-poured for about an hour; from when we left the email place to when we finally reached home. It POURED. Haha it was fun. Luckily, my water-proof backpack saved my things from getting wet, thanks dad!

So as it starts getting colder there, just remember its still hot here.

I'm going to miss the snow and snowboarding. I already miss the mountains. Kind of a weird thing to miss?

Talk to you soon! A Lundi! (on Monday)

Elder Fraley

80,333 missionaries!
 Next letter I'll share some of my experiences with fasting and prayer.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Riding in the rain

Investigators are great! The Lord is really blessing us. This last week was pretty crazy! Elder Santos came back Wednesday. Elder Call and I had fun! (Elder Call was only his companion for a week I guess while Elder Santos took the other Elder back to Trinidad. But now Elder Santos is Aaron's companion again!) This week I'm headed to Suriname for 3 days for Zone Conference, Wed, Thurs, Fri. The Elders from Guyana, Suriname, and Guyane Come together every other transfer and have a conference with Pres. Mehr. Should be an adventure!

It's weird to think that it's Fall there. Still just as hot here. It rained quite a bit last Monday, Elder Call and I got to ride in the rain, soaked. It was fun. 

I pray for you guys everyday!

Love and miss you! Should be getting that letter this week or next. 

Elder Fraley

Part of his email to Audrey:

Haha gotta love Park City! I definitely wouldn't mind living there.. I definitely miss the temple.. You don't really realize what a blessing it is to have 6 WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF YOUR HOME, until it's gone. That's a good goal, which blessed my life and will bless yours. It's a lot easier to go with a good friend... Well, I gave my first French blessing this past week. I was so nervous, but as soon as I started speaking, my nerves were calmed and I could immediately feel the Holy Ghost speaking through me. The Gift of Tongues is definitely real! 

Love and miss you! Keep up the hard work!

Elder Fraley

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New companion

Pretty successful week! It's been kind of crazy! In fact, Elder Call and I are the only ones in the country right now.. there's a story behind this, but I'm sending it home in a letter today or tomorrow, hopefully. (Elder Call is a missionary that was in Aaron's district in the MTC. They are both greenies and now are companions and the only missionaries in French Guiana at the moment! Crazy!) Both of the vehicles are out of gas, so we have to cover two areas on bike. Our French definitely isn't the best, but we get by. 

 We've been very obedient. We've been working hard. Last Thursday, when Elder Call was put with me, I noticed we were falling far behind with our goals. We immediately got to work, and made up a lot of ground. Even though we aren't very far into the language, I could still feel the spirit, just as strongly in our lessons. I've noticed in my BoM reading, how many times it talks about how "plainly" the missionaries or prophets taught and spoke or they taught with "plainness". I've discovered simple language, good enough to teach a child and the simplest of testimonies, can be just as powerful if not more, than the most eloquent of testimonies. Elder Call and I both understand the idea of quick simple lessons; Bring in the spirit, bear testimony, have them feel the spirit, and get out; so they know what the spirit feels like when representatives of Jesus Christ are present and what it feels like when they are not. 

Our investigators are progressing! It's exciting! 

I'm not even going to put the picture of the dead possum that he sent on here. I'm sure nobody wants to see it! Gross!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Short update (exciting news at the end!)

Short email this week. I took out all the boring stuff, like what he wants my mom to send him. He said he'll be sending a letter either today or tomorrow so hopefully we'll have a good long update in about 10 days!

Elder Santos has been out for a little over 10 months. Haha yes, I'm eating plenty of protein. Lots of meat down here. Fruit, just about any fruit you can think of, and then some. Star fruit is really good, kind of weird. The branch president here gave us some watermelon yesterday, the best watermelon i have ever had! Turns out, Elder Maoni, Calls companion, was just in Saint Martin. Left right before Emily got there. 

Can't wait for conference! Excited. Also, if you could ask dad, I learned that the oquirrh mtn temple has 28 steps on the west side and 29 on the east, why is that? I miss the temple. SOOO much.

Exciting news! We have two investigators with baptismal dates!!!!! SO excited. Cross your fingers! ;)

Love you! 

Elder Fraley

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The work is hastening

The fam got a letter this week! It's so neat hearing that Aaron is out teaching the gospel and having cool experiences with investigators. He has learned so much already and I can tell that he's changed a lot. He sounds so wise and mature! Love him!

French Guiana is awesome, I love it. I like it more than i thought I would. Let me tell you a bit about it's culture:

People: Most are very humble and grateful for what they have. Semi-poor. From the looks of it, it looks and feels somewhat "3rd world". But, everyone has a smart phone and flat screen t.v. in their home. Kind of weird. A lot of homes are run down, but pretty nice on the inside. A lot of apartments. Most everyone lives in an apartment complex. Which makes for a lot of walking up & down stairs. Good workout, but very tiring; the heat down here takes a toll on our energy.

Everything down here (usually) is more expensive. Still getting used to the "Euro".

Food: Only been fed twice by members, but so far, so good. A lot of Indian influence. I eat baguette, nutella, & La vache qui rit (which I looked up and found out that its the Laughing Cow cheese) just about every day. Very French. The juices and fruit down here are amazing! We have two banana trees outside of our apartment.

Some 90-95% of Guiana is uncharted rain-forest. Lots of unusual bugs and animals. Jaguars, sloths, iguanas, lizards, monkeys, giant sea-turtles, etc. Only seen the iguanas and lizards but other missionaries have seen the sea-turtles, monkeys, and sloths. Lots of ants, in our home and in our food...have had to throw out some food.

Elder Santos is from Seattle. He's part Hawaiian, Portuguese, and Chinese. Somethin' like that. Like I said, LOVES to sing. Fortunately he's good. Taught me to read music and harmonize. Very smart. Good trainer. Great missionary. I'm very confident in our companionship and ability to carry out the Lord's work. We are doing our best to become "Preach my Gospel Missionaries". It's an exciting time to be a missionary. The "work of salvation" is hastening.

I recommend, EVERY MEMBER to watch. (He's talking about the "Work of Salvation" missionary broadcast from June 2013.) Every member needs to be a missionary. "The need and opportunity to spread the Gospel had never been greater." At baptism, we all made a covenant, to stand as witnesses of God, at all times, in all things, and in all places. What an exciting time. (D&C 88:73) It is time. There's also never been a more important time, to prepare and strengthen our youth. So, I would like to thank all those (leaders, teachers, friends and family) who prepared me, not only for missionary service, which lasts 2 short years, but also for making and keeping temple covenants, which last for eternity.

Now, let me introduce you to 2 particular investigators. Ned & Albert.

Ned: She is 21, very funny, and an Evangelist. Very curious of religion and spiritual matters. Reads and prays frequently. Has a sincere desire to find and know the truth. However, she has been struggling with our invitations. Hasn't been reading from "The Restoration" brochure, praying about the Book of Mormon or our message, or reading the selected chapters or verses in the BOM. Elder Santos and I earnestly sought and prayed for a solution, something to motivate her. He frequently invited her to church but she would decline every time. When we were planning at the end of one night, we realized we weren't meeting our goals for member lessons. Bingo. So, the first thing we did, coordinated a  member lesson with Ned, and invited the Elder's Quorum President, Pres. Litampha. Every member here, is a convert. So they all can relate to the investigators. Pres. bore his testimony and personal conversion story. I think Ned could relate. Near the end, invited Ned to come to church and she accepted and followed through with her commitment. I can't even express how happy I was to see Ned sitting on the back row in the chapel! She really liked church! (by the way, yesterday the 4 of us missionaries, gave a musical number in Sacrament. Haha sang, "We are All Enlisted".) And she is steadily progressing toward baptism!

Albert: In his early 30's. Haitian. Super nice guy. He actually contacted us. Walked up to us one day while we were contacting, and asked if we could come teach him! I know the Lord has been preparing Albert for some time now. We've only had one lesson with him, but I sense he's been waiting for the Gospel for awhile. He is very prepared. I've had daydreaming of him dressed in white, entering the waters of baptism. Gives me goosebumps every time.

The work is hastening. The Church is true.

Love and miss you!

Elder Fraley

This is the stamp from his letter. I thought it was pretty cool!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Even the smallest of promptings can make a difference

My favorite dessert? Definitely pain au chocolat. Best fresh! Lots of investigators! 

Cool story: It was getting late while contacting, around 8:30. We were tired, and the area we were in wasn't very welcoming. We were turned away every time  As we drove away, we passed this Rasta guy sitting on an electrical box. Preach My Gospel encourages that we talk to EVERYONE. So I told Elder Santos to park the car, so we could go talk to him. We went and talked to him, gave him a brochure with our number on the back, and told him we would stop by later in the week. Not a very promising contact, but it was worth it. We had forgotten about "Rasta" that whole week. We were in that same area last week, and I remembered that we told him we'd come back. So, we stopped by his house. He wasn't home, but 3 women who lived next door where sitting outside, across the street. They informed us that he had left for the weekend. They asked who we were. We told them we were missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One girl, Selina, was very interested. She asked lots of questions, and we gave her a brochure. She said she found one of our brochures on the ground earlier in the day. There are some study questions on the back that can be answered with the scriptures. But, she couldn't answer all of them because she didn't have this book, "The Book of Mormon". It turns out, that these two white Americans have that book! How bout that.. She asked if we could come back the next day. Turns out she's been wanting to change for some time now. She is struggling with some things and has been praying to God for help. That day that we showed up, she had a prompting to go sit outside. She said, she NEVER sits outside. If we hadn't talked to rasta, we wouldn't have gone up to his house, where his neighbor was sitting outside. It was Rasta's brochure that she found on the ground. We were the answer to her prayer. All from one spiritual prompting, the smallest of promptings.. " Talk to everyone"

We never know when or how the miracles will happen or take place, but as we put our faith and trust in the Lord, He'll guide us to those whom he has prepared. 

I kind of butchered that story, hopefully it makes sense.

I've learned a little Creole... Just a couple of words. A lot of people speak it down here.

Got my first "missionary haircut" today. Elder Santos cut it....... Could have gone worse. Turned out alright. Who do I have to impress anyway

Well, what an exciting time to be a missionary. "The work is hastening". 

Elder Fraley

This was from his email to me. I asked him what kinds of food he's been eating and if the baptism rate was high in French Guiana:

Nothing "too" yucky. A lot of "Colombo". Which is just rice, assorted chicken meat and bones, and the curry sauce stuff. Interesting. The fruit and juice here is amazing! A weird fruit, called "Star Apple" is pretty good! 

Well actually, the baptismal rate isn't that high here, it used to be about 6 years ago but had been struggling recently. But, now that we're here, thats going to change :)

This is from the email he sent to my sister Audrey:

Audrey! I'm sooooo sorry :( 
All of the emails I thought I sent you, somehow got stuck in "Drafts"...

But everything is great! My birthday wish didn't even make it to you... But happy late birthday! I PROMISE you I didn't forget. Missionary promises are legit. Cool thing about missionaries and promises, we have the authority to promise blessings to our investigators ( if done through righteousness) If we say something will happen, God will make it happen for the investigators. 

Cool story, went on an exchange Saturday with another Elder, who struggles with obedience. Nothing extreme, but it's the little things. We were contacting for only 10 mintutes, and he got discouraged and wanted to move on. We had been rejected for about 8 straight doors. As we were walking away, I realized we skipped the bottom level. I said, "why don't we finish those last couple doors? I promise someone is waiting for us." So, he turned around kind of angry and said "fine." We walked back, and the whole way back, I prayed and prayed that someone there will want to hear our message." The very first door we knocked on. Boom! We got there name and number set an appointment to return. Power of prayer. Missionary promises are legit.

I kind of butchered that story but, whatevs. 

You're great, the Lord loves you, and I love you! The church is true.

Elder Fraley

Spraying the apartment with mosquito repellant

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Driving + Funny Story

(FYI: The contact information page has been updated with Elder Fraley's French Guiana address) 

The email my mom received: 


Elder Santos is from Seattle. Loves to sing and play football. Food is good, dessert is better! Fruit and juice is better down here too. Driving. (Elder Fraley has had a hard time telling the question that was asked and then his answer. I guess he was asked if they drive, bike or walk) Had to bike and walk once or twice. Drivers down here are crazy. We've nearly died 236 times. But, God is looking after his boys. 

Funny story: my first Sunday here was fast sunday, so I got up and bore my testimony. Everything went perfect, except, near the end, I made a pronunciation error. I said, "Thomas S. Monson est notre prophète vivant, qui diriges l'Eglise..." (Courtesy of Google translate:"Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet who directs the church.) I was told it sounded like I said, "triche" Dirige- directs or guides. Triche- cheats. Thomas S. Monson cheats the church. 

However, I've had several people ask if I were French, because of my accent. I'll take it as a compliment. Also, people often ask if we're the police. 

Love you, Elder Fraley

A little bit from the email he sent me: 

French Guiana is better than I expected. And the language is harder than I thought. Food is good, desserts are better. Elder Santos taught me to read music! We usually open each appointment with an investigator, with a song. Music can really bring in the Spirit, powerfully and quickly. Sometimes, we harmonize. No big deal. I sing melody and he sings the harmony.

And a few pictures!: