Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Driving + Funny Story

(FYI: The contact information page has been updated with Elder Fraley's French Guiana address) 

The email my mom received: 


Elder Santos is from Seattle. Loves to sing and play football. Food is good, dessert is better! Fruit and juice is better down here too. Driving. (Elder Fraley has had a hard time telling the question that was asked and then his answer. I guess he was asked if they drive, bike or walk) Had to bike and walk once or twice. Drivers down here are crazy. We've nearly died 236 times. But, God is looking after his boys. 

Funny story: my first Sunday here was fast sunday, so I got up and bore my testimony. Everything went perfect, except, near the end, I made a pronunciation error. I said, "Thomas S. Monson est notre prophète vivant, qui diriges l'Eglise..." (Courtesy of Google translate:"Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet who directs the church.) I was told it sounded like I said, "triche" Dirige- directs or guides. Triche- cheats. Thomas S. Monson cheats the church. 

However, I've had several people ask if I were French, because of my accent. I'll take it as a compliment. Also, people often ask if we're the police. 

Love you, Elder Fraley

A little bit from the email he sent me: 

French Guiana is better than I expected. And the language is harder than I thought. Food is good, desserts are better. Elder Santos taught me to read music! We usually open each appointment with an investigator, with a song. Music can really bring in the Spirit, powerfully and quickly. Sometimes, we harmonize. No big deal. I sing melody and he sings the harmony.

And a few pictures!:

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