Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seeing lots of success!

Doing good! Results came back normal so I have to see a specialist. which means I probably will need more money soon. I think I'll go clothes shopping today. It'll probably be my best chance. not sure what's going to happen with this maladie. 

Depends on the coconut haha. The green ones not so much but the orange ones yeah. they're sweeter. But it didn't actually cure me haha. still going on.

Elder Savage and I are seeing lots of recent success. This area is struggling and Elder Savage and I have made plans to turn things around. Last transfer Elder Johnston and I decided what the zone needed most was to become master teachers and develop those teachings skills, so it's very exciting to hear that is what you're planning on talking about this weekend at zone conference. He had a little welcoming devotional for the zone and new missionaries and we talked about certain teaching skills and testimony and the importance of it. It really helped motivate the missionaries to want to become like Jesus Christ and to be able to teach like him.

My testimony has grown dramatically recently. Especially about the atonement and also the restoration of the priesthood. As we're teaching, Elder Savage and I have been doing our best to help our investigators really understand the priesthood, authority, and prophets. And of course my beliefs have been converted to knowledge as I've taught these gospel principles .

We're doing well! I'm getting to know the mission doc very well! haha

Love you! Thanks for the prayers! :)

Elder Fraley

Guadeloupe Missionaries

Elder Johnston and I

Elder Drennan and I

Sister Gill and Eyre

Elder Bodily


This was a busy week... It will be another hectic five weeks... Elder Johnston goes home. My last companion will be Elder Savage. He'll be the one to kill me. He goes home the transfer after me. He's from Draper. Really fun pure-hearted guy. A lot like Elder Rivera. 

I'm really excited to be working with Elder Savage my last transfer. I think he and I will make a great team. When I met him in the MTC, I thought to myself, that he'd be my companion one day, and here we are, my last transfer. Elder Johnston was great. He worked really hard and has such an incredible passion for missionary work. We worked well together and saw a lot of success training members. We're planning a missionary fireside and also an opportunity to teach the members the law of the fast before the mission fast. We're excited for the work in the future in the branch. We're working hard with our branch mission leader and branch pres to change things in the branch.

We did a good amount of service this past week too, for our Branch President. We worked in his garden and help him with masonry, helped him build a cinder-block wall.

This is the last transfer of the West Indies Mission... weird. It's pretty hectic. There's so much to do and so much going on in the next 5 weeks... there won't be enough time! 

I'm doing well. Happy. Obedient. Converted. There's no place like the West Indies.

Thanks for all the prayers! They helped! :) 

Love you! 

Elder Fraley

red pineapple!

Working in our branch president's garden

doin service!

drinkin' coconut water. I think it cured me... I drank some  Wednesday and haven't peed blood since... weird...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pics from MLC

It was good to talk to you too! I'm very grateful for those Skype sessions! This e-mail will be short.. sorry! But thank you for everything. 

I'll let you know and I'll make sure to wear sunscreen! I promise :)

Love you all!

Elder Fraley

Guadeloupe Leaders! 

Elder Call, Lever, and I being translated...
Barbados Airport

Our awesome zone!
Sweet sunset 
and even sweeter Volkswagen advertisement photo

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mission Leadership Conference

MLC was awesome! So edifying! The mission home is a step down from the temple and I just love being there. The Spirit is just so strong there with all the mission leaders. It's the most addicting feeling. I had a really good time. Got to be with some of my best friends. I liked this one better than the last one we had in November. It was a historical moment. The last Mission Leadership Conference for the West Indies Mission. We talked a lot about Branch Councils, Sabbath day observance, becoming "full-purpose missionaries", and other doctrinal topics like spiritual gifts, the oath and the covenant (magnifying our priesthood and justification & sanctification), and conversion and the atonement. Pres. Mehr had special access to the videos of the conference with the quorum of seventy when the Apostles address certain topics before General Conference. And he showed us those videos! All the General Authorities talked about was the Sabbath day!!! 

Fun fact: it takes $20 million to operate a new mission for the first 5 years.

Something that I've learned recently is that dedication brings sanctification. That one can go through his or her mission or one can let the mission go through him/her. The atonement is rehabilitative. Change and accepting the will of God requires a lot of stretching and pulling, that will be very uncomfortable at times, but it's worth it. You feel so much better afterward. But it's something that everyone MUST experience. Sanctification only comes by sincere repentance and we MUST be sanctified to enter His presence (1 Nephi 15:34). Either He will justify us or we will. The entrance requirements are simply higher than satisfying the demands of justice. Paying for our own sins will not bear the same fruit... That's why daily repentance and obedience is so crucial. Change wrought by sincere repentance.

Guadeloupeans are very nice. I'll send more pictures of the conference and of Guadeloupe next week. One of the sisters has my SD card reader... 

I'll skype you at 4 pm my time so 1 your time I think.

I'll talk to you Sunday!! 

Love you! 

Elder Fraley

Emailing from Barbados!

I love it here! Very pretty (I think Martinique is prettier though) No weird foods...yet..

I'm actually e-mailing right now from Barbados! It's beautiful here! Very flat, dry, and windy. But the beaches are incredible! We have the P-day here. Woke up at 4 and flew from gwada to Martinique, then to St. Lucia and arrived in Barbados around 11. We will fly to Trinidad tomorrow and will stay there until Thursday! I'm excited to see what counsel Pres.Mehr gives us. He is going to be preparing us for the mission split.

Can't believe they're home! It's weird to think I was just with them! (The Derr's)

What time do you want to Skype?

Got to go! Love you!

Elder Fraley