Monday, May 4, 2015

Emailing from Barbados!

I love it here! Very pretty (I think Martinique is prettier though) No weird foods...yet..

I'm actually e-mailing right now from Barbados! It's beautiful here! Very flat, dry, and windy. But the beaches are incredible! We have the P-day here. Woke up at 4 and flew from gwada to Martinique, then to St. Lucia and arrived in Barbados around 11. We will fly to Trinidad tomorrow and will stay there until Thursday! I'm excited to see what counsel Pres.Mehr gives us. He is going to be preparing us for the mission split.

Can't believe they're home! It's weird to think I was just with them! (The Derr's)

What time do you want to Skype?

Got to go! Love you!

Elder Fraley

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