Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to Martinique last week to pick up my new Visa!

(Elders Fraley and Wade ate dinner with the Derrs on Sunday and Aaron was in charge of the chicken for the fajihtas. He marinated it overnight!) The chicken wasn't that good... I was a little embarrassed. But I'll cook for you, for sure! I'll cook you Pepper Pot (cow hoof)! ;)

I went to Martinique this past week. Flew in Thursday, worked Friday and picked up my visa, and left Saturday morning. It was good to go back. Just as hard to leave the second time. Stayed and worked with Elder Dayton and Elder Lewis. They're amazing missionaries. (Holy cow, there's a lot of flying in his mission!)

We had a good week. We were very blessed. Hopefully we'll have a baptism this transfer... We're working hard. I love this work. Created a "Mission Plan" with the Derr family last night. I think it went well. They set some good goals. 

Let ME know if YOU need anything! What can I do!?

Love you! Happy Anniversary!!

Elder Fraley

The city of Fort de France

Martinique: The fort of Fort de France

Monday, September 22, 2014

Biking, zone conference and 2 musical numbers!

Haha biking isn't nearly as convenient as having a car. Very sweaty and tiring process, getting to and from appointments. Keeping me in shape though. Haha I told Emily I gained like 7 pounds from French Guiana and Martinique but lost it when I got sick. She didn't believe me... Didn't get to work with her last week but she promised she's work with us this week.

I think I'll be flying out to Martinique this week to pick up my second year visa. Just for a day. LOTS of traveling in this mission.

Zone Conference was great! Elder Zivic and his wife are great too! They're just full of so much love! Good times at Zone Conference. Did a musical number with the Martinique missionaries. 

Also did a musical number at church yesterday too! Sang in French while Elder Wade sang in Spanish, Elder Van den Herik in Dutch and everyone else in English. Not sure how it was, Sister Derr didn't say anything, you'll have to ask her how it went... haha

Well, all is well. Love you all!

Elder Fraley

Elder Zivic!!!!

Elder Broadbent and I

Me and my Dad! (Elder Santos was his first companion in the field!)
Haha like father like son

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

St. Martin

Haha Can't believe I'm on St. Martin! My area reminds me of Park City actually. I feel like I'm home. Being on bikes for the first time is definitely different, since I've had the blessing of a car my whole mission. It's hot here. Not the same humid heat as the other islands, it's more dry. 

Eating with the Derrs was really great! It really was. They are such great members. I'm excited to be able to work with them.  Haha I don't think Sister Derr likes it when I call her "Sister Derr". Especially when I call Brother Derr, "Nolan". It was very nice for them to have us over. We really really appreciate it. Elder Wade LOVED the burritos haha. They were really good! She was afraid that I wouldn't like them. But I told her they were better than the cow intestines and pig tail I've eaten! haha

Elder Wade is great! I think we're going to do some good work together. He's teaching me Spanish!

Don't need anything just yet. I can't wait to get to work with my sister!

Love you too!

Elder Fraley

Pictures from last week in Martinique

The Yoles

The Laquembe's had all the missionaries over before I left too.

The Lagrand family. They're awesome! 

Got 131 at church my last Sunday there! Record! We had never had more than 100. But after much prepartion, fasting, and prayer, the Lord blessed us. 

My buddy Gwendal! He invited me to his birthday right before I left. Haha 

Yva(middle with glasses) and Sr. Olysse (far right) fed me
banane pese before I left! My favorite meal!

Soeur Negre (Renessa)!

The Garcia Family!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Transfer time: headed to St. Martin!

We found out yesterday that Elder Fraley is going to be transferred to St. Martin and should be arriving on Wednesday. My sister, Emily Derr, currently lives there on the dutch side as her husband is going to med school. The senior missionary couple came up to her at church and said, "Guess what? your brother is being transferred here!" We never thought that with all the islands he could be sent to, that he would go there. I mean, he's been out for over a year and has only been to two places so we didn't think he'd go there, especially when everyone knows his sister is there. Its crazy! My dad had known about this for two weeks because Aaron had discussed it with his mission president and let him know. I'm excited that he's going there because Emily will be able to take lots of pictures and maybe give us a little more detail on how he's doing, and how the work with investigators is going. He never writes much in his emails! I think Emily is excited to be able to see him, make sure he's well fed, and help out where she can. I got to say though...I'm a little bit jealous! I wish I could get a hug from him and see him at church every Sunday! ;)

Crazy huh? I didn't want anyone to know because I wanted to surprise her at church... mais ne vous inquiétez pas ;) (but do not worry)

I told Sister Derr that Pres. Mehr is expecting great things from us. So I hope she's ready to work hard! haha Not really sure what to think though. Pres Mehr asked me several weeks ago what I thought about it. I almost said no, but then I realized the Lord has provided me, and the branch there a unique way of doing missionary work there. Should be interesting! The Lord knows best. 

I'm really going to miss Martinique... haha ugh transfers stink.. It's been real good in Trinité. I've seen a lot of spiritual growth and change in myself. My relationship with my Heavenly Father has strenghtened. I've become closer and more intimate with him. The mission is an incredible sanctification process. 

I took a bunch of pictures this past week as I've been saying goodbye to everyone. But I'm having trouble sending them. I'll make sure I'll send those next week! 

Love you all! Christ lives. 

Elder Fraley

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A day in the life of a missionary...

My week was alright! Nothing too exciting. We moved out of our apartment Saturday too. Only took 1 day though. Other than that, pretty normal.

So we wake up at 6:30. Exercise for 30 minutes. Get Ready and eat breakfast. Start Studies at 8 (personal, companionship, and language) and end at 11. Usually eat lunch. Then work until 9:00. Then plan for the next day for thirty minutes. Then we are in bed at 10:30. That's a normal day. 

Last Monday we had a Family Home evening with the group. Gave each member a Book of Mormon to then give to someone else. (In our efforts to flood the mission with the Book of Mormon)

Yesterday we ate at Soeur Jean-de-Dieu's house. She's the best. Feeds missionaries each Sunday. She feeds us soo much! Too much actually. I wanted to throw up. Good though! I had lobster for the first time. I send a picture of what we ate. 

Today, we played soccer at the beach. And tonight we're visiting a non-active family clear up in Basse-Pointe. You can see Dominica from there. Should be good! 

Love you too! 

Elder Fraley 

I imagine this is what some parts of Brazil look like

Lobster, Fish, Banane Pesé, Fish Soup.
Monthly Sunday 
lunch at Yva's!

Pictures from the botanical garden: 

Pictures courtesy of Sister Turner: