Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zone conference pictures

Won't hear the changes until this. Zone Conference is every other transfer. Guadeloupe is nice! I like Martinique better, but it's still really pretty! I heard people are nicer there! haha The Church is bigger there too.

Work is coming. We've got 2 baptismal dates.

Haven't received anything yet, probably this week. Thank you for everything! Love you! 

Elder Fraley

zone conference

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zone Conference

Zone conference was very very good. I needed to hear a lot of the things which were discussed. This next year will go by even faster. I'm going to make every second count. No regrets.

I'll try to get a picture taken this week or the next. I tried getting everybody's gifts to the St.Martin missionaries but.. I was unable to.. So I'm not quite sure how we can figure that out.

Not much new! Got to actually work with Elder Santos in Guadeloupe! Lots of fun! Brought back too many memories. 

Love you! Take care! Talk to you Monday

Elder Fraley

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One year Down, One to Go!

This week!! I couldn't agree more, its gone by way too fast! The Fourth came quick, I could remember exactly what I was doing a year ago. Seems like it was just yesterday! Also realized that was my first and last 4th on the mission. I think I fly home the 1st or 2nd, whatever that Thursday is next year. (It's the 2nd, so he'll  be coming home July 2nd, 2015...less than a year left!)

The work is going! We had a very spiritual Family Home Evening with the group at the church. Watched about 30 bible videos about the life of Jesus Christ, from his birth to his death, miracles and sufferings, crucifiction and resurrection. Really edifying experience. The Turners helped us out with it. not sure what we would do without them! (The Turners are a missionary couple that are serving in Martinique. They help out the Elders a ton! Aaron calls Sister Turner his mom away from home.)

We have a couple of baptismal dates. We are working harder with members, trying to help them get "the vision" of missionary work, and to have a branch again in Trinité. 

Zone conference is next week! Always excited for that! 

Take care love you! 

Elder Fraley

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nothing New

Muck better week! Companion is great, Elder Russell! Haha he's a dork! He's a lot of fun! He's from Kaysville too, just down the street from Elder Dayton. 

Elder Russell and I saw a dolphin the other day. Pretty cool! He's also teaching me Créole, so that's cool. 

Not much new, the work is progressing! Like it should be. 

Sorry. But throughout the week I'm always thinking of stuff to tell everybody, but I always forget when I actually sit down and send off e-mails. 

Thank you! Love you!

Elder Fraley