Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making progress!

Feeling much better! Not sure what it was.

(My mom sent a CD to him with my sister Abby singing a hymn.) The CD was great! Kind of bummed there was only one song and no message at the end. But oh well ;) Maybe we'll have to sing together when I get back? ;) I ain't promising anything though! Elder Pape sure liked Abby's voice! haha

Can't believe I have another sister married! Crazy. Glad it went well!

And Abby is heading off!? These past two summers have been real emotional for you, haven't they? I'm sure she'll be fine! Elder Russell is going there and he'd said he'd try to find her when he get's back. 

Haha I only play a couple of songs on the piano... If that. Still learning. Of course the germaphobe got the cleanest apartment! (Elder Fraley and Elder Russell won the trophy for having the cleanest apartment!)

Martinique is great! I think this might be my last transfer here.. I'll be really sad.  We'll see.

We have an FHE with "P" and his family tonight with the Turners! Should be fun. He came to church last Sunday! Well, The last 15 minutes. But we're making progress! 

Love you all! Take care Mom! 

Elder Fraley

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flooding the mission with the Book of Mormon

 This week was alright! We were chased away (several times actually), had rocks thrown at us, not a lot of people accepted us and I got pretty sick yesterday, threw up several times. Kept thinking,"man, I wish my mom was here." haha. Good thing Sister Turner is here. The members and Elder Russell took care of me too. A couple of the members made different herbal teas. Made me drink them... So gross!! haha  

"P" is tough. We have a hard time teaching him. Great guy though. 

Nawh, haven't moved out yet. Most likely the first of September. Elder Russell goes home in October. 

Martintique is great! The Lord is hastening his work! We had 68 baptisms the month of July. Which is the most we've had in a long time. We've been "Flooding the mission with the Book of Mormon". Pres. Mehr is really excited for what's to come. Lots of miracles. 

Love you!
Elder Fraley
Elder Jex and I playing the piano

The beautiful green hill is behind our house

Audi Corolla
This is us helping "P" out with the shed he's building

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workin' hard

This week was alright! Kind of unusual. Transfer week usually is. The work slows down. We taught this guy named "P". He reminds me of Dad. They even look alike, it's the weirdest thing. Haha he's just the democratic, tattooed version. Anyway, this family is awesome. They love the missionaries. He doesn't have any sons, so he always tells us he considers us his sons. He is very loving and LOVES his family. He treats his daughters like princesses, like they're supposed to be. Which is very very rare to find in the West Indies: Strong, complete, loving families.  They told us each time we come, we always bring "something with us and it's so incredibly addicting." This last Saturday, he told us he's been living in hell. He doesn't have any friends and has had a lot of terrible, scarring experiences. He opens up each time. We talked about "The Tree of Life". And he loved it! We told him he didn't have to live in hell because we definitely don't. That's the incredible blessing of this gospel. Everlasting life and happiness, not death and sorrow. We invited him to perservere, continue with the lessons, and "partake of the fruit" and taste it. Frustrating lesson, but I learned from it. And I know he felt the spirit and continues to feel the spirit. He's a stubborn guy, with a hard heart, but it's being softened drop by drop. 

Baptism will have to be pushed back, she's not quite ready... :( 

Played baseball today!!! in fact, the baptismal canidate gave me a baseball bat as a gift! So we went and played ball today. So much fun! 

Workin' hard!  

Well got to go! Thank you! Love you! Tchao!

Elder Fraley