Preachin' & Teachin'

This page will be for pictures and info on the people and families that Elder Fraley teaches on his mission.

  • Christopher Christopher is fake. I mean, who I taught isn't really Christopher. Christoph is a real investigator in France and his story is real. Frere Mayne taught Christoph in France. So the first week I only had one teacher, Soeur Wilson/Soeur Judas. We were told Christoph was a real investigator and we would have to teach him on our second day here. Right before our second lesson with him, Elder Esheit and I found out he wasn't real. We weren't supposed to know until after our last lesson with him (4 lessons). But we kept it a secret from the rest of our district. We still took it seriously though. After the last lesson, everyone was told he was fake, and he would be teaching us. He (Frere Mayne) has got to be one of the coolest teachers! He served in Paris, France and taught Christoph. He's a good actor, sounded and looked French. He even dressed European, haha. However, it was a fantastic experience. Great teaching tool.

  • "W": First Baptism!

  • "Y": She has set a goal to serve a mission in a year, and get married in the temple after. She loves to go out teaching with us.

  • "C": she was baptized by her recent convert boyfriend, which was really cool! 

  • "R"Elder Dayton and I were the witnesses and had to go into the water with them so that we could hear haha. It was a neat experience. "R" is relieved of a lot of stress! Unfortunately, her family wasn't too happy with her decision. When she got home from the baptism, her mother kicked her out of the house. We have some members taking care of her, so everything is alright.

  • The M Family

  • P

  • Baptism!!! Sister Morgan is great and is the newest member of the Philipsburg Branch! She has such a powerful testimony already of this gospel. Her life has changed drastically because of it. So cool be have been a part of it. 

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