Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pictures from Mission Leadership Council

Sister Mehr took a bunch of pictures at the conference that she forwarded to the missionaries! Elder Fraley is in only 3 photos, but I know he'll want these pics included in his book!

Mission Leadership Conference

Trinidad was amazing. So spiritually edifying. The spirit was so strong with all the mission leaders in the same room. It was really great to see everyone and to make new friends. The French missionaries don't really get to meet the english side missionaries, so it was good to meet some of them. We spent the whole day flying Tuesday, had a fireside at the mission home. Then Spent the whole day Wednesday training teaching and learning. Then had a testimony meeting to end it. Spent whole day Thursday flying back. 

We actually had to move some baptisms back, but we should have one next Saturday.  
Elder Hardy's birthday was last Friday and we ate at a German Restaurant called the Bavaria. It was soo good! You'll have to tell Schreiber I ate Rindsroulade. It was soo good! 

I'll try to take more pictures... haha

We'll be having a Zone Meeting this Tuesday to talk about and relay the information that Elder Pratt and I received at the MLC. We are shifting our focus a little, as we teach, not only toward baptism, but toward the temple and other covenants after baptism. We're also focusing on, "Real Growth" and what we can do differently in our zones to achieve real growth (baptism, retention, and re-activation) 

I hope everyone is well and staying healthy. Love you all!! 

Elder Fraley

French-Sided leaders at the Mission Leadership Conference in Trinidad.

Elder Patetefa and I. He's a Zone Leader in St. Lucia

Liat Airlines gave us complimentary ponchos because it was raining pretty hard.

Elder Pratt, Elder Contreras (Zone Leader in St. Lucia, from Mexico City. Incredible missionary), and I. 

Steel Band Statues in the Trinidad Airport

Flying into Dominica

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seeing LOTS of miracles!

Yeah, it's been raining quite a bit. We got pretty wet this past week. I actually haven't seen Emily in almost three weeks! I've only worked with her once since I've been here... Just too hard to get a hold of her...
Ashley sent lots of pictures of the house! I like it! Looks really small. I like the wood floors though! I see Jonny has stolen my blanket! Haha. 

 Elder Pratt and I are flying to Trinidad tomorrow for a Mission Leadership Conference. Pres. Mehr flies the ZLs out twice a year. Elder Pratt is great! Still super funny, as usual. Lots of good fun. We're seeing LOTS of miracles. Setting baptismal dates! 3 dates set for the 21st and 1 for the 29th! I'm not sure how many transfers I'll get to stay here, could be 1, 2 or this might be my last one.. The world may never know... 

Other than that, not much else new. I've got to write a report for Pres. Mehr, so this one will be a short one. Sorry about that. 

Love you all! Thank for everything! 

Elder Fraley

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's been a good week!

Haha no worries.. mine might be a little short too... 

Had a good week. Saw lots of miracles and found a lot of prepared people. We will have several baptisms in the next two months!

Because of time, I'll just send pictures... But we're doing well. We're safe. We're healthy. We're obedient and diligent. We love it. I love it! Couldn't ask to be doing anything else!!

Love you all!! But mom, I love you the most!

Elder Fraley

A Poem my mom sent him: