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Elder Fraley's missionary email address is

Mission field address for letters: Letters can be mailed directly to Elder Fraley's assigned country. He will be able to provide the physical address each time he is transferred to a new area.

St. Martin Address
Elder Aaron Fraley
#3 Queen Palm Drive
Orange Grove Road
Colebay, Sint Maarten

Mission Office Address (in case we don't receive his address for each area, letters can be sent here. They just might take longer to get to him)
Elder Aaron Michael Fraley
West Indies Mission
P.O Bag 543
Trinidad and Tobago

Mission field address for packages: packages can be expensive for the missionary who receives them. Most countries will charge a significant duty or customs charge when the package is delivered. For example the fees can increase the cost of a $2.00 bag of candy to $10.00. For this reason it might be best to send Elder Fraley only essential items that can't be purchased in the mission.

  • sometimes large envelopes can be less expensive and subject to fewer fees than boxes. 
  • Packages from the U.S are best sent Express Mail International or Priority Mail International through the US Postal Service. Global Express Guaranteed through the USPS is available but more expensive. Delivery through DHL, FedEx, or UPS is also available but very expensive. Regular parcel post and mail is undependable and can take wees or months to be delivered. 
  • Contents should always be listed on the package as "missionary supplies". 
  • DO NOT itemize what is in the package as that adds substantially to the customs charges.
  •  Please use padded envelopes when sending CD's, thumb drives or other small items to prevent damage. Small packages may be sent through the United States Postal Service. Photographs and tapes may be included. 

The address below will be used if Elder Fraley actually serves in Trinidad. If he is in another country, he will tell us what address to use and this page will be updated.

Elder Aaron Michael Fraley
West Indies Mission
1 Morequito Ave
Valpark Shopping Mall Plaza Bldg #10
Valsayn, Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago

Phone 1-863-663-2130

  • If a package is shipped through a private courier, the mission office telephone number above will be needed.

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