Monday, February 23, 2015

The gospel of Jesus Christ can change people!

It was a blast! This week was good too. We've seen a lot of miracles. The Sisters had a baptism this past week. It's incredible seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ can CHANGE people. By far, the most rewarding part of the mission and my favorite part. It can change lifestyles, behavior, and attitude, and I got to see that change in Allan, their baptism. He's a different kid. You can tell he carries a different light.

Transfer calls were this last weekend: Elder Glover will be my companion. Elder Rivera is going to Guadeloupe. Elder Dayton and Broadbent will be coming up to replace Rivera and Miyasaki. Elder Barlow from Barbados to replace Grange. Sister King from Suriname to replace Sister Mitchell. And Elder Hardy went to Trinidad. A lot of changes. This is the Thompsons last transfer too. It's probably mine as well, we'll see.

(Is Elder Pratt excited to go home?) He's ready. Very excited to see his family and to get married haha. I'll let him know. Elder Miyasaki said he'll come over for the Mother's Day skype, so you should be expecting a visit from him. 

It's going by too fast...I'm sure it's too slow for you!

Hopefully I get those shoes today... we'll see. Not sure if it's worth it...

But i love you so much! Have a good week! I hope you get feeling better!

Elder Fraley

The mailboxes in the Caribbean


Elder Hardy and I

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Anguilla was a lot of fun. Lots of good memories to go with it. We went and visited some member med students there and then went to Shoal beach, one of the worlds top ten beaches! super pretty. Apparently it's not nearly as pretty as it was before the hurricane. Ate at a beach bar and lounged on some beach chairs, sippin' on some pina colada. 

Well, this is the last week of the transfer! Elder Pratt, Miyasaki, and Grange go home next week... so sad... Just the thought of going home makes me sick. 

This week our zone will have another baptism. The Sisters baptize like crazy. 

This week Elder Pratt and I are just trying to make it count. I think he's ready though, 25 months is a long time. 

Well I hope you get feeling better! Have a good week! 

a la prochaine! 

Elder Fraley

Pictures of Carnaval 

Departing St. Martin

Beach of Anguilla

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We're making these last weeks together count!

All the tourists have been saying it's been pretty warm back at home. Haha a couple of weeks ago, a bus full of members stopped us while we were out walking and wanted to take pictures of us and talk to us. It's so weird. When members see us we feel like celebrities. Which is strange because on the other islands, you rarely meet members from the states and on the other french islands, you NEVER meet Americans. But we run into them pretty regularly here. 

We have been really evaluating our area and the zone and have concluded that something needs to change. We loved President Mehr's idea of separating families into groups, and assigning each family a baptism. We are going to hold a missionary fireside this Friday to introduce this method to the members. Elder Pratt and I added a new key indicator to track in the zone: Members Trained (in their callings, create family mission plan, or some sort of lesson regarding missionary work) We are going to do our best to work more with members. We feel that in the long-run, we will be more successful as a branch.

Elder Pratt and I are working hard. He's doing great. We're both trying to make these last weeks count. We're trying to help the zone understand the difference between working hard and hard work/effective work. I'll tell him to stop by and say hi!

Mom, I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate you! I wish I could do more for you! Because you do so much for me. I don't think I deserve it...I truly am grateful for you and Dad. Just know, if I were home, I'd buy you flowers for Valentines day! :)  haha
Thanks for everything!  

btw Elder Rivera is the best and my favorite Belg/El Salvadorian.

Love you!

Elder Fraley

Super clear day! I was able to see Saba, Statia, and barely St. Kitts! Pretty cool

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Baptism!!! Sister Morgan is great and is the newest member of the Philipsburg Branch! She has such a powerful testimony already of this gospel. Her life has changed drastically because of it. So cool be have been a part of it. 

We're working our butts off! Lots of walking lately. We continue to meet the prepared. The Lord has been blessing us. 

I would love that! That would be really cool! It's been a very warm winter here too! 70s and 80s... ;)

We visited the Derrs last Sunday. She made lasagna I think... haha. I really enjoy going over there. 

All is well. Elder Pratt and I challenged the zone to get certain key indicators. And if every companionship meets the requirements, we're going to go to Anguilla in 2 weeks. We'll see if we all can do it. 

I need to buy some new tennis shoes.. My toe is sticking out the front... 

Elder Pratt is great. He's soo trunky... haha jk. He's doing very well. Great missionary. He's taught me so much these past couple of months. I can't believe Elder Pratt goes home in 3 weeks.. I remember when he hit his year mark and I was only 6 months out! Time flies.

Have another great week! Love you! Take care!