Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We're making these last weeks together count!

All the tourists have been saying it's been pretty warm back at home. Haha a couple of weeks ago, a bus full of members stopped us while we were out walking and wanted to take pictures of us and talk to us. It's so weird. When members see us we feel like celebrities. Which is strange because on the other islands, you rarely meet members from the states and on the other french islands, you NEVER meet Americans. But we run into them pretty regularly here. 

We have been really evaluating our area and the zone and have concluded that something needs to change. We loved President Mehr's idea of separating families into groups, and assigning each family a baptism. We are going to hold a missionary fireside this Friday to introduce this method to the members. Elder Pratt and I added a new key indicator to track in the zone: Members Trained (in their callings, create family mission plan, or some sort of lesson regarding missionary work) We are going to do our best to work more with members. We feel that in the long-run, we will be more successful as a branch.

Elder Pratt and I are working hard. He's doing great. We're both trying to make these last weeks count. We're trying to help the zone understand the difference between working hard and hard work/effective work. I'll tell him to stop by and say hi!

Mom, I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate you! I wish I could do more for you! Because you do so much for me. I don't think I deserve it...I truly am grateful for you and Dad. Just know, if I were home, I'd buy you flowers for Valentines day! :)  haha
Thanks for everything!  

btw Elder Rivera is the best and my favorite Belg/El Salvadorian.

Love you!

Elder Fraley

Super clear day! I was able to see Saba, Statia, and barely St. Kitts! Pretty cool

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