Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flooding the mission with the Book of Mormon

 This week was alright! We were chased away (several times actually), had rocks thrown at us, not a lot of people accepted us and I got pretty sick yesterday, threw up several times. Kept thinking,"man, I wish my mom was here." haha. Good thing Sister Turner is here. The members and Elder Russell took care of me too. A couple of the members made different herbal teas. Made me drink them... So gross!! haha  

"P" is tough. We have a hard time teaching him. Great guy though. 

Nawh, haven't moved out yet. Most likely the first of September. Elder Russell goes home in October. 

Martintique is great! The Lord is hastening his work! We had 68 baptisms the month of July. Which is the most we've had in a long time. We've been "Flooding the mission with the Book of Mormon". Pres. Mehr is really excited for what's to come. Lots of miracles. 

Love you!
Elder Fraley
Elder Jex and I playing the piano

The beautiful green hill is behind our house

Audi Corolla
This is us helping "P" out with the shed he's building

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