Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rainy Season

Not sure if I'll be transferred. I don't really want to go just yet. I love the island too much. Transfer's in about two weeks. We'll see what happens. Elder Lewis is great! A great friend and a great missionary. I can say the same for Elder Jex. Him and I became really good friends. He's back in Suriname. This island has the best missionaries. ;)

Not much new. Went to a botanical garden today. Too many pictures of too many plants. I'll send a couple.

It's rainy season. Not as much rain as there is supposed to be, but a good amount comme même (as well). We've had a couple tropical storm warnings, but nothing to severe thus far. Knock on wood. 

"P" is good. Lots of work to be done. He's a good friend. Going to miss this family.

Well, Time is short. Talk to you next week! 

Elder Fraley

Playing ball with "R" and "Y". They're way good at basketball.
I made sure to teach them a few things. ;)

American ball

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