Monday, September 22, 2014

Biking, zone conference and 2 musical numbers!

Haha biking isn't nearly as convenient as having a car. Very sweaty and tiring process, getting to and from appointments. Keeping me in shape though. Haha I told Emily I gained like 7 pounds from French Guiana and Martinique but lost it when I got sick. She didn't believe me... Didn't get to work with her last week but she promised she's work with us this week.

I think I'll be flying out to Martinique this week to pick up my second year visa. Just for a day. LOTS of traveling in this mission.

Zone Conference was great! Elder Zivic and his wife are great too! They're just full of so much love! Good times at Zone Conference. Did a musical number with the Martinique missionaries. 

Also did a musical number at church yesterday too! Sang in French while Elder Wade sang in Spanish, Elder Van den Herik in Dutch and everyone else in English. Not sure how it was, Sister Derr didn't say anything, you'll have to ask her how it went... haha

Well, all is well. Love you all!

Elder Fraley

Elder Zivic!!!!

Elder Broadbent and I

Me and my Dad! (Elder Santos was his first companion in the field!)
Haha like father like son

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