Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A day in the life of a missionary...

My week was alright! Nothing too exciting. We moved out of our apartment Saturday too. Only took 1 day though. Other than that, pretty normal.

So we wake up at 6:30. Exercise for 30 minutes. Get Ready and eat breakfast. Start Studies at 8 (personal, companionship, and language) and end at 11. Usually eat lunch. Then work until 9:00. Then plan for the next day for thirty minutes. Then we are in bed at 10:30. That's a normal day. 

Last Monday we had a Family Home evening with the group. Gave each member a Book of Mormon to then give to someone else. (In our efforts to flood the mission with the Book of Mormon)

Yesterday we ate at Soeur Jean-de-Dieu's house. She's the best. Feeds missionaries each Sunday. She feeds us soo much! Too much actually. I wanted to throw up. Good though! I had lobster for the first time. I send a picture of what we ate. 

Today, we played soccer at the beach. And tonight we're visiting a non-active family clear up in Basse-Pointe. You can see Dominica from there. Should be good! 

Love you too! 

Elder Fraley 

I imagine this is what some parts of Brazil look like

Lobster, Fish, Banane Pesé, Fish Soup.
Monthly Sunday 
lunch at Yva's!

Pictures from the botanical garden: 

Pictures courtesy of Sister Turner: 

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