Monday, September 8, 2014

Transfer time: headed to St. Martin!

We found out yesterday that Elder Fraley is going to be transferred to St. Martin and should be arriving on Wednesday. My sister, Emily Derr, currently lives there on the dutch side as her husband is going to med school. The senior missionary couple came up to her at church and said, "Guess what? your brother is being transferred here!" We never thought that with all the islands he could be sent to, that he would go there. I mean, he's been out for over a year and has only been to two places so we didn't think he'd go there, especially when everyone knows his sister is there. Its crazy! My dad had known about this for two weeks because Aaron had discussed it with his mission president and let him know. I'm excited that he's going there because Emily will be able to take lots of pictures and maybe give us a little more detail on how he's doing, and how the work with investigators is going. He never writes much in his emails! I think Emily is excited to be able to see him, make sure he's well fed, and help out where she can. I got to say though...I'm a little bit jealous! I wish I could get a hug from him and see him at church every Sunday! ;)

Crazy huh? I didn't want anyone to know because I wanted to surprise her at church... mais ne vous inquiétez pas ;) (but do not worry)

I told Sister Derr that Pres. Mehr is expecting great things from us. So I hope she's ready to work hard! haha Not really sure what to think though. Pres Mehr asked me several weeks ago what I thought about it. I almost said no, but then I realized the Lord has provided me, and the branch there a unique way of doing missionary work there. Should be interesting! The Lord knows best. 

I'm really going to miss Martinique... haha ugh transfers stink.. It's been real good in Trinité. I've seen a lot of spiritual growth and change in myself. My relationship with my Heavenly Father has strenghtened. I've become closer and more intimate with him. The mission is an incredible sanctification process. 

I took a bunch of pictures this past week as I've been saying goodbye to everyone. But I'm having trouble sending them. I'll make sure I'll send those next week! 

Love you all! Christ lives. 

Elder Fraley

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