Monday, May 4, 2015

Mission Leadership Conference

MLC was awesome! So edifying! The mission home is a step down from the temple and I just love being there. The Spirit is just so strong there with all the mission leaders. It's the most addicting feeling. I had a really good time. Got to be with some of my best friends. I liked this one better than the last one we had in November. It was a historical moment. The last Mission Leadership Conference for the West Indies Mission. We talked a lot about Branch Councils, Sabbath day observance, becoming "full-purpose missionaries", and other doctrinal topics like spiritual gifts, the oath and the covenant (magnifying our priesthood and justification & sanctification), and conversion and the atonement. Pres. Mehr had special access to the videos of the conference with the quorum of seventy when the Apostles address certain topics before General Conference. And he showed us those videos! All the General Authorities talked about was the Sabbath day!!! 

Fun fact: it takes $20 million to operate a new mission for the first 5 years.

Something that I've learned recently is that dedication brings sanctification. That one can go through his or her mission or one can let the mission go through him/her. The atonement is rehabilitative. Change and accepting the will of God requires a lot of stretching and pulling, that will be very uncomfortable at times, but it's worth it. You feel so much better afterward. But it's something that everyone MUST experience. Sanctification only comes by sincere repentance and we MUST be sanctified to enter His presence (1 Nephi 15:34). Either He will justify us or we will. The entrance requirements are simply higher than satisfying the demands of justice. Paying for our own sins will not bear the same fruit... That's why daily repentance and obedience is so crucial. Change wrought by sincere repentance.

Guadeloupeans are very nice. I'll send more pictures of the conference and of Guadeloupe next week. One of the sisters has my SD card reader... 

I'll skype you at 4 pm my time so 1 your time I think.

I'll talk to you Sunday!! 

Love you! 

Elder Fraley

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