Wednesday, September 4, 2013

12 flights, 6 countries and 1 week later...

Wow what a crazy week. The French keyboard is different so I apologize for mistakes. Monday, left the MTC at early in the morning, 2:30. Arrived in Trinidad at about 11pm. Our orientation was Tuesday. Spent most of the day at the mission pres. home. He's awesome. Then left Trinidad on Wednesday, 2:30. (the english countries down here drive on the left side of the road, was scary. I'm grateful to be in a French country! At the Trini airport, I was sort of robbed. Lets just say, white, helpless, Americans are easy to take-advantage of. I lost about 70 U.S. dollars.... Long story. Flew to Grenada, then to Barbados, then to Martinique. Had to stay in Martinique for a little over a day because of some flight problems. I loved Martinique! i hope i can go back! Went "porte-à-porte" with the missionaries there, it was a lot of fun. Left beautiful Martinique Thursday afternoon, took Air-France to Cayenne. 

Some 12 flights, 6 countries in 1 week. Cool fact, my mission is the most complicated mission in the world: with 11 countries and 8 currencies. Guiana is 95% rain-forest, most of which is uncharted... People here are poor, but as far as poor goes, they're pretty well off, if that makes sense. France pumps a ton of money into Guiana, Martinique, Guadaloupe, and St. Martin. But Guiana is pretty ghetto. I serve right out of Cayenne, in a town called Montjoly. My apartment is....lovely. Pretty run-down (one-step up from a shack.) Ants, lizards, and other miscellaneous bugs and creatures throughout the apartment. Quite humbling. I've never been more grateful for what I have. The mission sure does change you. It's very hot and humid here. Elder Santos is great. He is teaching me lots.

Love and miss you!
Elder Fraley

I'm glad he finally made it to the area where he'll be serving! Thanks to everyone that reads this blog and supports our missionary! We love him and are so proud. We are grateful for all the love and prayers that are sent his way! 


  1. Does Aaron read this blog too? Is he able to read our comments or do we need to snail mail him?

  2. I'm not sure if he reads it or not, I'll have to ask him!