Monday, December 2, 2013

Doing Great!

Written on 11/4/13

Dear Family,

Missionary life in Guyane is just peachy. We're currently playing RISK right now, just chillin'. And I just realized, by the time you get this, this will all be, yeah.

Not sure what to write. Last couple of weeks have been slow(ish). One of our investigators is no longer an investigator, said she misses her church, doesn't want to continue with the lessons...what a shame. She came to church 5 weeks in a row, including conference. Never did read and pray though.

Hopefully we'll get a baptismal date with another investigator.

Celebration 2015: 
Will be 25 years since the West Indies have been open for missionary service. Cultural celebration. Every six months, each country will hold cultural competitions (dance, music, culinary). Then, in July 2015, all the winners from each country will be flown out to Trinidad for the big competition. General Authorities might come out in 2015. Should be exciting.

Not much new...

Last week of the transfer...time flies. Can't believe I'm a 12 week trained missionary!

Did a companion exchange with Elder Miyasaki Saturday. Good learning experiences. He's a great, lovable guy.

Read a cool scripture recently, D&C 15:6. Added perspective on the work. It also helped increase my love for those I serve.

Throughout the week, I think of things to tell you guys, but come p-day, I forget most of it...

Don't worry about me, doin' great! :)

Not much of a letter writer...sorry.

Love you!

Elder Fraley

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