Monday, December 2, 2013

12 week missionary

I'm sorry that there hasn't been a post for 17 days! Holy cow. My computer has some sort of virus and I keep forgetting to take it to my dad to look at it! So here are the last 2 emails we received! They are super short, he never gets very detailed. It's hard getting information out of our missionary! 

 From November 19th: Yeah, got our transfer calls Saturday, and everyone is staying. We have several baptisms planned for this next transfer! Can't wait, praying with all of my heart! It's crazy to think I'm almost 19! I'm a 12 week missionary now, done training. I haven't taken any recent pictures... Sorry, I'll try to be better with that. Elder Call and I, and Miyasaki and I went on exchanges this past week! Good learning experiences! A lot of fun! Great missionaries. We've been making some créole dishes. Soo good! Hopefully I can remember to make them when I get home! Take care Love you with all my heart too :)
 Elder Fraley

 From the 25th: This last week was great! We were really blessed with the teaching! We met some really great and prepared people. In response to info that my dad has a beard: Haha He's growing a beard? and Pres. Jacobson is ok with that? ;) I heard that in Trinidad, they have a bishop with "rasta hair". I was shocked to hear that. We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving today. Sort of. A lot of people down here know about Thanksgiving. They don't celebrate it but they think it's the coolest thing. Time is going by pretty fast. The language is alright. Hopefully we'll have some baptisms this transfer! It will be skype for Christmas Love you! Happy Thanksgiving!
 Elder Fraley

A picture Elder Call sent us. Aaron was splattered with spaghetti sauce!

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