Monday, December 30, 2013


That was the highlight for me too! It was really great seeing everyone! (The Christmas call)

Lots of good food this past week! A lot of members feed us! 

Haha I told dad about the package! Funny story. It was picked up by a member of our branch. I got it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really made my day getting that! I loved the pictures and the ties!

So transfers are Wednesday. Elder Santos is being transfered to Guadeloupe to be a Zone Leader there. My new companion will be Elder Pratt. I'm excited, I heard lots of good things about him! Also, we are getting sister missionaries down here! First time ever in French Guiana! I think it will be really good for the branch, really will spark some of the work. Elder Santos and I are apartment shopping. 

We set another baptismal date with one of our investigators. Her date is the 18th! Keep her in your prayers! Hopefully a couple of others in January as well! 

Not much new! It's a blessing to be serving here!

Love you! 
Elder Fraley

Elder Call (he's one funny kid!)

Christmas Eve lunch at the Baksh family! They look a little scary, but they're awesome! For some reason, the Guyanese don't smile in pics...
Pres. D'Abreu's son, Moroni 
Elder Santos and Moroni 
Giant anaconda! We came out of church yesterday and saw a crowd of people next door. There is a little river down the street, and this giant anaconda thing was found in it! Biggest snake I've ever seen! They got it out with that tractor.
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