Monday, December 9, 2013

Game Night

Sometimes Elder Fraley's emails are hard to follow because he basically just answers my mom's questions or responds to something she said. So I'll try to put in a little info so you know what he's responding to.

Haha Howdy! I could use some snow actually. Released huh? Interesting. I bet he's relieved! He was and will continue to be blessed for his service. (My dad was just released from his calling as stake executive secretary)

(My mom asked how the ham he made for Thanksgiving turned out) Haha the ham was alright! The pineapple/brown sugar stuff didn't really turn out haha wasn't sure what I was doing (the brown sugar down here is weird).... Still good though! 

(A new person in my parent's ward gave a talk on Sunday and he went to the West Indies mission, English speaking) Ask him who his mission president was? Gamiette? Robinson? I've met both of them. Cool story about Gamiette. He's an amazing guy.

Nothin new with our investigators. They're having trouble progressing. One girl is still coming to church! She's been to church 4 out of 5 weeks! She still doesn't know if she wants to be baptized or not. Very timid girl.

(My mom gets the West Indies Mission newsletter and it said that Elder Santos was going home this month) Elder Santos still has about another year. That was a misprint. That was Elder Sosa who went home. We got a laugh out of that too! You'll get to meet Santos this Christmas. 

Love you too! You're in my prayers as well!

Elder Fraley

This is from the email he sent me:

Week's been alright! One of our investigators is still coming to church! She's really shy. Our investigators are struggling with the progression. It's tough. We've met some really great people. Played dominos with an old couple we contacted one night, it was their "game night". Shared a message then I asked if we could play with them! Said, "Loser get's baptized"! (They're Catholic... and plan on dying Catholic) Guess who won! Yup, this stripling warrior. Smoked 'em! I don't think they took the whole baptism thing seriously... ah whatevs. Hopefully we'll get to play them again. That was fun.

other than that, not much.. haha. Sang for a assisted living home with our branch choir. That was a really neat experience! Touching. I sent mom those pics!

Sounds like everything is well with you guys!

Love you! Talk to you soon!

Elder Fraley

We drive safe
My sailor hat! (the FedEx package Dad sent)
We sang carols for a nursing/assisted living home!

The branch choir

Safety first!

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