Monday, December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving was alright! Not too bad, these Elders are great!

Can't believe it's already December! Where is the time going? It's easy to get lost in the work!

Also can't believe Dad has a beard! Does Dad still have his calling? Haha

We celebrated Thanksgiving last Monday, it was good!

Haha it's easier going door to door with a plaque on that's for sure! Have you guys seen, "The Work of Salvation"? if not, watch it! :)

That was very, very thoughtful of Caitlyn. She's great! Haha give her a hug for me! I miss surprising you with flowers! Its the best! I miss telling you about my day! Good memories (his friend Caitlyn came over last week and surprised our mom with flowers! She's so sweet!)

Can I get more pics? some without me in a shirt and tie? haha there's that USB in one of my boxes that has a bunch of pictures on it of some friends. It's nice being able to show investigators that we're normal people too. 

I was reading through Nate Parker's e-mail, and he puts mine to shame. I just forget everything to say.. Very happy to hear about his baptism! 

Elder Santos and I are great! Working very hard. Unfortunately, we're having trouble getting our investigators to progress. We've had 3 investigators that had baptism dates that are no longer investigators... It's been a little rough. 

However, we've met some really great people recently! A 15 year-old girl has been coming to church! Still working on a date. 

Well, time to go. Love you! 
Elder Fraley

The 4 Elders (Elder Fraley, Elder Santos, Elder Call and Elder Miyasaki) made Thanksgiving dinner. Aaron made the ham.

These pictures are courtesy of Elder Call:

Elder Call's birthday party

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