Monday, November 4, 2013

Kangaroo and Cow Intestines

Everything is great! Even when everything isn't. Satan Does know our weaknesses, and we're constantly under attack. Luckily, we have spiritual armor, to protect us from those fiery darts!

Headaches come and go.. Foot is all better! Joints are okay. 

Crazy to think you guys got snow... Oh what I'd give for some snow right now.

We passed out Book of Mormon's for Halloween! ;) 

Wouldn't guess what i ate this week! Kangaroo and cow intestines! Kangaroo wasn't bad, a little gamey. cow intestines... "tasted good" but the texture is awful. You can feel the cilia (hairs) and rugae  (folds of the stomach, dont remember what the fold of the intestines were called) on your tongue. 

We officially have no more French side Senior couples... So this should be interesting.. Won't be getting anymore for a while.. 

Cool story for the week,
We teach a Haitian lady who's living with a man that she's not married too. So, about three lessons in, we taught the law of chastity. We had set a baptismal date with her prior, but told her that she couldn't be baptized unless she moved out or got married. She recognized that she was living in sin, and needed to get that figured out. Just last week, we taught her again, she told us that they're going to try to get married, as soon as possible! She had a dream, She was in a church assembly, when a man who stood up and told her this, " I've been ordained of God, and I'm here to tell you to get married and baptized, and do it quick!" 

Love you! Miss you! 

Elder Fraley

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