Monday, October 28, 2013

Staying busy

Haha Not a whole lot happened this week. A lot of opposition. Seemed like nearly everything went against us this past week. It's been rough. But we're good, hangin in there. Almost all of our "rendezvous's" fell through the past 4 days, no one is giving us the time of day, I got a ticket for going 9 over (one of the expenses), my retainer came back out, my joints have been giving me problems, headaches, feet problems, some sort of fungus or mold... The list goes on. Satan is trying to make our lives miserable down here. But he's going to have to try harder than that. 

I have to buy medication, pay for dental appointment, and the ticket.... I've been taking real good care of my feet. Changing socks several times a day and drying them off good. Still got something though. 

P-days are pretty chill. Shopping, e-mails, cleaning and laundry, but then, since we don't have a senior couple, and since Elder Santos is the ZL, we have to do everything that the Senior couple normally would do, and then some. We run around a lot, stay busy. I did get those pictures, last monday actually right after i had e-mailed. Can I get some pics of Friends too??

I don't know how long I'll be here. But i'm guessing it'll be a while. The four of us have a lot of clean-up to do. About every other week we'll have a member or even an investigator feed us.

Keep feeding those missionaries! 

I'm sure the quiet (at the Fraley home) is hard to get used too... We were loud. 

We speak English on occasion, it's weird. We go from English to French, French to English throughout the day, sometimes in the same conversation. But we're trying to speak less and less English. To the point where I don't need it. Language is coming alright, slow and steady. Staying somewhat healthy! 

I wanted to apologize again for funds. I didn't contribute anything... I feel really really bad. I'm very sorry.

We did get to teach an in-active member yesterday. Return missionary actually... Sad story. Powerful spiritual experience. I could feel the spirit speaking through us as we talked about the atonement. He has a testimony just has lost his faith. You can't have a testimony without faith, but once you get that testimony, because of spiritual experiences, you don't ever lose it, he said. 

It's cool to see how quickly you can grow to love someone, complete strangers. 

Love you! Can I get a list of Birthdays too? and pics of friends haha 

Ill try to send home another letter today or this week. 

Love, Elder Fraley

From the email he sent me:
We've been learning about Joseph Smith/Church history as we cover D&C in my primary class. I was telling him that our lesson was on the martyrdom yesterday.

That is an emotional story. Makes me emotional! I've noticed that I've become more emotional and sensitive since I've been away. It's a good change. Sensitivity is still manly. My testimony was strengthened yesterday at church, when the primary and congregation sang, "We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet". My testimony of prophets was fortified as we sang. Nothing cuter than a bunch of adorable kids speaking French. 

Love you too! Elder Fraley 

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