Thursday, October 10, 2013

New companion

Pretty successful week! It's been kind of crazy! In fact, Elder Call and I are the only ones in the country right now.. there's a story behind this, but I'm sending it home in a letter today or tomorrow, hopefully. (Elder Call is a missionary that was in Aaron's district in the MTC. They are both greenies and now are companions and the only missionaries in French Guiana at the moment! Crazy!) Both of the vehicles are out of gas, so we have to cover two areas on bike. Our French definitely isn't the best, but we get by. 

 We've been very obedient. We've been working hard. Last Thursday, when Elder Call was put with me, I noticed we were falling far behind with our goals. We immediately got to work, and made up a lot of ground. Even though we aren't very far into the language, I could still feel the spirit, just as strongly in our lessons. I've noticed in my BoM reading, how many times it talks about how "plainly" the missionaries or prophets taught and spoke or they taught with "plainness". I've discovered simple language, good enough to teach a child and the simplest of testimonies, can be just as powerful if not more, than the most eloquent of testimonies. Elder Call and I both understand the idea of quick simple lessons; Bring in the spirit, bear testimony, have them feel the spirit, and get out; so they know what the spirit feels like when representatives of Jesus Christ are present and what it feels like when they are not. 

Our investigators are progressing! It's exciting! 

I'm not even going to put the picture of the dead possum that he sent on here. I'm sure nobody wants to see it! Gross!

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