Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm here for a unique reason

Just FYI: This letter was written on 10/5, before the last post I put on the blog. 

This last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, President Mehr, his wife, and the assistants came to Guyane. We had a fireside with him. In our meeting prior, we discussed the missionary work in Guyane. Things are not going well. Guyane used to have several hundred active members and a district with 3 branches. Now, one remaining Branch and roughly 50 active members.

Guyane has only 4 missionaries (least amount of missionaries in one country in our whole mission). Guyane is the only area without a senior couple. Also, we are the farthest away out of all the islands and countries. The mission president informed us that he trusts us. He and the Lord has the 4 of us here for a very unique reason. Exclusively in Guyane, in the West Indies Mission, missionary work is about to change dramatically. A different and unique way to do missionary work. It is going to be exciting! :) Very difficult, but exciting. I wish I could explain it...not enough time.

There are some great missionaries in this mission. President Mehr promised us, that the Lord only sends His best here. There is no other mission like this one. It's a very difficult (a lot of temptation) mission. And it's my privilege to be working along side such incredible servants of the Lord. The Lord doesn't settle for mediocrity. I've learned so much from the missionaries in this mission, specifically Elder Santos. There's nothing mediocre about the missionaries here or this mission. What and honor and privilege!

President Mehr left Wednesday. Elder Santos and I took him (6 hour drive to Suriname border and back) to Suriname.

Thursday, Elder Santos had to go with an Elder to Trinidad, so Elder Call and I drove them to Suriname, so they could catch a plane. For the past couple of days, and for the next week, Elder Call and I have been and will be the only missionaries in the entire country. Our French isn't great, but we get by. We are covering 2 areas, with 2 vehicles with little or no gas, with 2 bikes in areas typically too large for bikes.

Haha we're doing fine. Kind of fun. The Lord is quickening our growth and progression as missionaries, that's all. But He is looking out for us. We're being blessed. (Aaron loved the time he got to spend with Elder Call!)

I set a baptismal date with an investigator! It's set for the 26th of October. She is progressing well! And we've set goals, to set 6 other baptismal dates. I hope and pray they all work out.

Haha unfortunately, Conference isn't in English. Hard to understand and get a lot out of it...


Today is P-day, Oct 7th. Still on our own until Wednesday. We will pick up Elder Santos and Elder Call's new companion at the airport. Today was our first "rain experience". It has rained before, but we've always been in-doors or in a vehicle. We were on bikes...down-poured for about an hour; from when we left the email place to when we finally reached home. It POURED. Haha it was fun. Luckily, my water-proof backpack saved my things from getting wet, thanks dad!

So as it starts getting colder there, just remember its still hot here.

I'm going to miss the snow and snowboarding. I already miss the mountains. Kind of a weird thing to miss?

Talk to you soon! A Lundi! (on Monday)

Elder Fraley

80,333 missionaries!
 Next letter I'll share some of my experiences with fasting and prayer.

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