Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Short update (exciting news at the end!)

Short email this week. I took out all the boring stuff, like what he wants my mom to send him. He said he'll be sending a letter either today or tomorrow so hopefully we'll have a good long update in about 10 days!

Elder Santos has been out for a little over 10 months. Haha yes, I'm eating plenty of protein. Lots of meat down here. Fruit, just about any fruit you can think of, and then some. Star fruit is really good, kind of weird. The branch president here gave us some watermelon yesterday, the best watermelon i have ever had! Turns out, Elder Maoni, Calls companion, was just in Saint Martin. Left right before Emily got there. 

Can't wait for conference! Excited. Also, if you could ask dad, I learned that the oquirrh mtn temple has 28 steps on the west side and 29 on the east, why is that? I miss the temple. SOOO much.

Exciting news! We have two investigators with baptismal dates!!!!! SO excited. Cross your fingers! ;)

Love you! 

Elder Fraley

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