Monday, October 21, 2013

The Lord is preparing His children

Zone Conference was great! Cool, fun experience. Not a lot of missionaries get to do what West Indies missionaries get to do. We see and experience a lot of different things. I crossed a massive river, on the border, in a canoe. The rain is warm and lizards every night. (My mom had asked him if it is warm when it rains and if there are lizards and bugs in their apartment every day.)

Just last Tuesday, we went dowtown to do some paperwork. We didn't get ten feet from the car when someone stopped us. They had been taught previously, several years ago, by missionaries and wants to be taught again. As we were talking to him, another guy pulled me aside, same thing.  Wanted a Book of Mormon. Wants to be taught again and wants to come to church. As my companion was talking to the first guy, and as I was talking to the second, a lady walked up to my companion, gave him her name, address, and phone number and told him she wanted to be taught again. Then walked away. 30 Seconds later, as we were still talking to those two gentlemen, a man in a wheel chair, across the street, wheeled himself across the intersection, through traffic, to me, and told me to come talk to him when I was done. He then wheeled himself back. After we had finshed talking to the two men, we made our way across the street. The man in the wheel-chair had been baptized, many many years ago, but wants to come back to church. We grabbed his name and number, and made our way back to the car. On the other side of the road, a man was just standing there, looking at us. We crossed, then he approached us. He had been waiting for us to finish talking with the man in the wheel-chair. He had also been previously taught, many years ago, and wants to be taught again.... Needless to say, we were attacked! Cool experience, with listening to the promptings of the spirit and being in the right place at the right time. The Lord is preparing his children. 

Cool, sort-of confusing story... :)

Elder Miyasaki on the canoe, river-crossing (Elder Call's new companion)

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