Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elder Fraley likes to sing????

The fam received a letter from Elder Fraley yesterday! It was so long and informative! I loved reading it. He tells all about his last week, going to San Fran, singing in the choir and speaking in Sacrament! He is really learning so fast and I can already tell that he's changed. So proud of him, he's an awesome missionary! Enjoy!

Bonjour! Comment Allez-vous!?

Run down of my last week:

Sunday 21st: Elder Lever and I were assigned to be the "Sacrament Coordinators". Basically the teachers and priests of our branch. We assign Elders to pass the Sacrament. Then we prepare and bless the Sacrament (En Français). Pretty neat experience, blessing it in French.

Tuesday 23rd: San Francisco...woke up around 3:30 A.M., had to be at travel office at 4:30. Got on a bus, hour drive to SLC. (Tried to find our house, I sure missed the valley). Chilled at SLC airport from 6 to 8:30. I love the SLC airport parce que (he wrote that in french without even thinking about it. It means because) missionaries are celebrities. Everyone knew who we were and wanted to talk to us. It was awesome. 1 hour flight to San Fran. (The Church gave us money for lunch and a taxi) $40 cab to Consulate. Cool area. Saw the 49ers stadium. Got to the Consulate an hour early, so we toured the city a bit. You could definitely tell us missionaries (E. Lever, Call, Lewis, and I) weren't welcome; by the way people looked and talked to us. I was glad to get out of the MTC, but couldn't wait to get back, after being in that city for just half and hour. I hated the way I felt there. I'm very grateful for the profound and powerful spirit at the MTC. It's incredible, feeling the difference...Saw China Town and ate at Subway haha...

Consulate was interesting. Walk through metal detectors and security equipment. Called up one at a time, to answer questions and get our fingerprints taken. This whole process took about 30 min. Then we had to go back to the airport, and wait there for 4 hours. We studied, slept, and attempted to proselyte. Met some cool people, several return missionaries on our flight back to SLC. Almost all said, "I was hoping I would have some brethren on my flight, I know it will be a smooth flight. God will get his boys home." Haha.

We returned to SLC around 7. Ate dinner at airport and returned to MTC around 9. Unfortunately, we missed the weekly Tuesday devotional...I was supposed to sing in the choir. I like to sing. Just didn't at home because I had built this reputation of not singing. It was just weird at home...I'll sing in the choir tomorrow. We're (some couple hundred Elders and Sisters) singing How Great Thou Art. Should be good. (Two things I'm learning to do before I leave the MTC, read music and Yo-Yo..)

Wednesday 24th: Saw Nate! Only briefly though. We're both really busy, so all we get to do is say hi...he survived until Sunday! His comp seems cool. Sounds like he's struggling with the language though...I feel bad and wish I could help him out more...I just want to sit down and talk with him. Maybe when his schedule slows down a bit. The first 5 days are crazy. Got some new French Elders and Sisters in the two French zones (40 approx). 22 Tahitians. Tahitians are here the longest (12 weeks) out of any language. They learn French first 6 weeks, then Tahitian, in French, for the next 6...crazy.

Thursday 25th: TRC. Don't remember what it stands for, but every Thursday we teach members who speak French, as members. Really neat experience.

Friday and Saturday: Nothing new.

Sunday 28th: I love Sundays. Ever Saturday, every missionary in our branch, has to prepare a talk, in French, on a specific topic. That next Sunday, any Elder or Sister, is chosen, right then and there. President Mangum or whoever is conducting, gets up, welcomes, discusses branch business, then who will be giving a talk. Pretty nerve-racking. Every Elder is supposed to give at least one talk before he leaves. Both of the zone leaders, who leave in two weeks and this week was their last chance to give one, hadn't given a talk yet. Along with several other Elders who are leaving soon. And guess who was picked, this Elder! Gave a 3 min talk on Faith in the Atonement, all in French. Went well though! Every Sunday, there's a devotional and film following dinner. Devotional was good and watched "Legacy". That film brought back a lot of memories, we used to watch that movie almost every Sunday...I forgot how "cheesy" it was though. Haha.

Well brief run down of my week. My teachers are awesome. I love them! Frère Mayne is awesome, we're a lot alike and he understands almost everything I'm going through.

Talked to Pres. Robinson (previous West Indies mission pres) about the mission. Learned a lot of cool stuff. Saying all French missionaries star off in Guadaloupe, as they wait for visas to French G or Martinique. He said Guadaloupe is EXACTLY like France, just on an island. Which is cool, it's always been my dream to serve in France...this will be just as good. So after orientation in Trinidad, I'll head to Guadaloupe. I get a phone call from the airport, might be early in the morning...I can't wait!

*I highly recommend Y'all watch "Character of Christ" by David A. Bednar. Life changing talk.

I've never prayed this much in my life. Never had to apply the Atonement as often as I do now...but I"m grateful to be out here.

Well, talk to you soon! À La prochaine! (until next time)

Elder Fraley

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