Monday, July 22, 2013

Little update and more pictures

So far today, Elder Fraley has answered short emails to family and hasn't really written a long email or letter on how he's doing or what the last week was like. He told my mom that he will be flying to San Francisco tomorrow just for the day to meet the French Consolate in person. He said that everything is great! In the email he wrote to me he mentioned that he can't wait to get out of the MTC and into the mission field. He also said that all the Elders call him Dr. Elder Fraley. They are always asking him for medical advice and at night they want him to tell stories from working in the Insta-Care! :) Well, hopefully I'll have more of an update with a longer email or letter later today or this week. It sounds like everything is great and he's having fun!

Me, our "investigator" Christopher, and my companion, Elder Lever.

Elder Lever and Elder Erickson in the classroom

Elder Lever

Le Livre de Mormon

Elder Eshiet

Elder Lewis

Elder Call

Elder Eshiet, Elder Lever and I doing laundry last Monday

Some weird Elder down the hall

My Companion, Elder Lever

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