Monday, July 15, 2013

First Email from Elder Fraley!!!

I guess Mon will be his P-day in the MTC, because we received and email from him today! It isn't very long but just from reading what he wrote I can tell he's already learning and growing so much! So proud of him! Here it is:

First day was crazy! Extremely overwhelming. My district is great. Some really good men, all my age. My companion, Elder Lever (pron. Leever, from South Jordan, going to aux Antilles), is great. Such a unique, yet powerful spirit exudes from him, as he testifies and shares his thoughts and feelings about L'Evangile. The other Elders are: Elder Lewis (from Idaho, going to aux Antilles a.k.a, West Indies), Elder Call (DL, from Logan, also going to aux Antilles), Elder Erickson (from Salt Lake, going to Halifax, Canada), Elder Esheit (from Nigeria/North Carolina, going to Washington D.C.)

Thursday, was even worse. The. Longest. Day. Of. My Life. Every Elder and Sister said, "Just make it until Sunday." Which was true. Friday was awesome, taught my first investigator, Christopher. He is from Paris and played soccer for Paris Saint-Germaine (the best soccer team in France.) Les don des langues (the gift of tongues), is real. One of the most powerful and apparent witnesses I have had. Saturday was just as good. Taught Christoph again. My French is coming really well. Don't mean to boast, but I think my French is the best in our District. Haha. My vocabulary kind of lacks, but as far as pronunciation and comprehension, I'm doing well.

Sunday was amazing. My zone is 75% French, 25% Tahitian. But all of the Tahitians left today, after 12 weeks! Sacrament was all in French. Priesthood was great. The food here is mediocre. Tell Dad, sorry, I haven't seen any pecan pie here to eat for him. The devotional and film I saw yesterday were both inspirational. I learned so much about listening to the spirit and the Character of Christ-David A. Bednar. Life-changing talk by Pres. Bednar.

Today is P-Day. Should be good. Don't be afraid to send packages :) Letters also. They really help. Je sais que Le Livre de Mormon est vrai et la parole de Dieu. Je sais que Joseph Smith est un prophete de Dieu. Je sais que L'Eglise de Jesus-Christ est vrai et retabli sur la terre. Au nom de Jesus-Christ, amen. I would have written more but not enough time. I can approach and meet someone, pray, testify, and describe Christ all in French. It's been good. This is not my mission, it's His. I am here because the Lord cannot.

Much Love,
Elder Fraley

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