Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Exciting news!

We're going to have to push those baptism dates back.. They didn't come to church this week... But it's ok! They'll get baptized just now. Elder Glover and I had 2 great weeks in a row, but this week was a bit of a disappointment. Sickness took a toll on us. It's all part of the game though. We're hoping to have a healthier week. We've got some of our energy back. We plan on giving it all we got. I really enjoyed Zone Conference. Elder Glover and I have been really blessed. We've seen success with members that most missionaries in the zone aren't seeing in their areas. We're seeing lots of success with family mission plans and getting the members excited about missionary work. We had a VERY successful training meeting with the Branch Presidency and plan on continuing to do that with them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with the help of Elder Thompson. 

No, haven't spent it yet. I don't think I've ever found money on the ground like that before. At least not from what I remember. 

Po, I heard IU was knocked out... I'm surprised to hear Utah making it that far. We play a good amount of basketball here. Jonny can't take me... ;) 

I got some exciting news.. sort of...

I come home a week earlier, June 25th! (Yay! Happy Birthday to me! Best present ever!) I think it's because of the mission split. I thought you'd be happy to hear that. haha Also got my departure questions today... so weird.. can't believe I only have 3 months left!! :( 

Yesterday we had zone conference with Elder Cornish from the seventy! He's an incredible man. 

We'll found out next Saturday if I'm staying or leaving. 

Doing well! We're blessed! 

Love you!!

Elder Fraley

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