Monday, March 31, 2014


Martinique is BEAUTIFUL. I have never seen anything like it. I had forgotten what blue water looks like! The good byes were very difficult. It was really hard saying good-bye to "W", "Y", and some of the members and investigators. Elder Lever is very lucky. He'll have several baptisms coming up! I'm really home(Guyane) sick. But I love it here. Definite culture shock, a lot more french.  Martinique is beautiful of course, again. I love it here. Elder Dayton is great. He's from Bountiful, Utah. Cool kid, he's a baseball kid too! Our area is definitely the prettiest area in Martinique. La Trinité is what I picture a French or Italian country-side looking like. Hard to describe. Our area is pretty big though. We have a huge house with a sweet balcony. The group actually meets in our home, so we have to move out soon. The house is out on a peninsula in an area called Beauséjour. 

Elder Dayton and I are semi in-charge of a group down here. We had a group leader called just a couple of weeks ago, normally it was Lever and Dayton who directed and presided. It's a group of about 12 people. I'm excited to be working with him. It is my personal goal and the goal for the companionship, to turn this group into a branch again. The members are great. Elder Dayton and I are really going to focus on reactivation and member work. We visited every member yesterday. We talked to each one about the work and about the goal and objective is for the group. We are going to do our best to start up several activities during the week. Elder Dayton and I made it a goal to have at least one new person at church each week. Going to be tough, but we're going to do it. It is my personal goal to have the church attendance to at least 30, by the time that my time here is done. Elder Dayton and I had a good fast. We fasted for several miracles. We know we'll see some.

So much to tell... 

Great to see Elder Call again! His area is the south of Martinique, mine is the west. I'm excited to be working here. We're going to see a lot of changes and miracles. I have lots of pictures! 

Me and "W"

Got to see Elder Lever at the airport! 

Played basketball today at the beach!

That's Mt. Pelé, highest peak, it's a volcano. Guess it blew up in the early 1900s and killed an entier city.

Sister Stahle and Sister Vance. Sister Vance went to Copper Hills!

Blue water!!!

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