Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Baptisms!

The baptism went great! We had 3 baptisms last Saturday, one from each companionship! They gave powerful testimonies at the baptism. "Y" is great! "Y" and "W" have both set goals to serve a mission in a year ("W" when she turns 19) and to get married in the temple after. Elder Miyasaki and Elder Broadbent baptized "A", she's 21. She's awesome. Good cook too! The Sisters baptized "I". He's a brazilian in his late 60s I think, just the nicest guy. "Y" and "W" go out teaching with us all the time, they love it!

so...... I didn't get to talk  to the doc about my back because I had to talk to him about my 2nd degree sunburn instead.... I got it doing service the day before the baptism. Definitely in the top three worst... 

Not sure if I'm leaving just yet after all. Normally Elder Miyasaki gets the missionaries travel intinerary the Monday before transfer calls, but he didn't get anything. But, you never know. Pres.Mehr is full of surprises.

I'm hanging in there. If it's not one problem, it's another. Doing great though! Couldn't be better! 

Love you too! 

Elder Fraley

From his email to me:

Well, French Guiana is the best! Love it here. Don't really want to leave. Not sure if I'll be leaving next transfer, we'll find out Saturday or Fri. 

Got a 2nd degree sunburn.... I feel really dumb. Totally spaced sunscreen because it's been cloudy recently. Really sunny when we did the service. Just bad luck!

Baptisms went great!

(I was telling him that my daughter has been a germaphobe lately) Funny how she has picked that up. Germ free is the way to be! Speaking of diseases, I might need some more hand-sanitizer... running out..

(I asked him if he had any "Dr. Fraley" stories) Well elder Miyasaki had some sort of abscess on his back about a month ago. I got to perform surgery on it! so that was cool...

Well, Take care Ash! Love you!

Elder Fraley

Elder Miyasaki and I 
At the baptism!
You can see how red I am... 
Sister Opeta, Frère Litampha, "I", Sister Gill
Elder Miyasaki, "A", Elder Broadbent

Right before the program

Elder Miyasaki 
Brother Litampha
Elder Saki, "D" ("Y's" best friend), and I

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