Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lovin' it down here!

From Last Week, March 3rd:

I'm doing great!! Cough finally went away, but... my back has been giving me problems again. I hurt it last year at school and I think I did something similar to it again, not sure if it's a pinched nerve, pulled muscle or whatever. It's been hurting quite a bit this whole week. However, I'm doing great! Staying healthy! The work is going well! slowed down a little because of "Carnaval". Pretty crazy down here! It's been going on since January and ends this week! 

(Baptisms) Yeah, Y is still good for the 15th! So excited! But C will have to be pushed back to the 22nd... They're both great! 

From March 10th:

Back is alright. It's really weak. Not sure what to do.. Maybe I'll call the mission doc. 

So excited for the baptism! The best part, all three companionships will have a baptism this Saturday! Y is great, really cool girl. She's made goals to go the temple in a year and possibly even serve a mission. W wants the same when she's 19 or 20.

 I saw the new Mormon message about bullying. Very very good message. Any talk, message, or speech that causes people  to change or repent, is a good one (whether it's one or one-hundred) . That should be the goal for every member as we give talks and lessons. Mormon messages are my favorite because they do exactly that.  This video brought me to tears because I am guilty of doing some of the things in the video. This video would be a good one to share with the family during a family home evening.

I'm thinking that this will be my last transfer here... Not really wanting to leave. Elder Pratt and I have really been focusing on the youth down here, as we've realized that they're the future leaders here in Guyane. The young men are awesome, remind me of the great young men back at home. But, I'll go where the Lord wants me. The French is iffy. Definitely not where it should be, but it's coming little by little. 

Not sure what else to share. Lovin' it down here! 

Love you all!

Elder Fraley

Sunset from La Cité: Mont Lucas. We do a lot of work here, in Mont Lucas. Tons of apartment complexes.

We put this on Elder Broadbent's bed. The inside joke we have makes it funnier. 

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