Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Investigator Stories

This may be one of the longest emails I've seen Elder Fraley write since leaving the MTC! Its nice to get some details! :)

Yes, thanks for the card! This should be my last transfer here. But, you never know. About 3 1/2 more weeks.

Speaking of the temple, Elder Broadbent told us that there's an even newer movie at the temple? If so, have you seen it? I sure do miss the temple.

Two baptisms lined up for the 15th!!! Elder Miyasaki and Broadbent have one lined up for the 15th too!

Stories:  We have set two baptismal dates with two great investigators, with opposite stories. One, Elder Santos and I found contacting back in November. She's 19. Was very interested and curious about the idea of a reestablished church of Christ. Something always seemed to be keeping her from baptism though. Things keep coming up. She knew that the Book of Mormon is true but she continued to have concerns. We mentioned doing a fast. She LOVED the idea and  insisted that we fast together this past Saturday and Sunday. During the fast, she was touched by what a member said to her in the car as the member drove her to church. We had a lesson with her that evening. We talked about baptism. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled out her phone. Entered an event on her calendar titled, "Baptism". Place: Church, Date: 15th of March

The other investigator we met with a member. We were in an area that Elder Santos and I contacted a while ago. Not much came from it. We used to teach a girl, who had an older sister who was baptized several years ago. This girl dropped us after a couple of lessons. The member we were with remembered that in-active member lived in this house. I thought, "she's told us several times that she's not interested anymore and her sister dropped us. But, we haven't been back in a while, let's check-in on them" Their step-dad answered the door. He was very excited to see us. Told us to come back the following day. Taught him the next day. He's been reading his Book of Mormon and Bible that he received years and years ago. He's been waiting for God to send him someone. He's willing to do whatever it takes to be baptized on the 15th as well. 

I hope those made sense.

Haha yeah I'm feeling good. I have a minor cough again, like the one I have for 7 weeks. This one has lasted 4. I cough every once in a while, so it's not big deal. Just annoying. Other than that I'm great!

Speaking of resemblances, I'm turning into Dad. My habits and mannerisms are just like his. Freaks me out sometimes. 

Everything else is great! Going to really miss this place and these people. :( 

Love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Fraley

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