Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zone Conference

Zone Conference was great! Always great seeing Pres. and Sister Mehr! They're the best. Only get to see them every 3 months.. And even then, only 15 minute interviews with him. 

5 baptisms scheduled, but we'll see how well they hold up. Keep them in your prayers!

Pres. Mehr gave me my transfer call for the next two transfers. Asked if I liked Cayenne and if I can stay one more transfer. So I said of course. So, I'll be in French Guiana for another 7 weeks. Then he's sending me somewhere else! Said the same thing to Elder Call. Not sure what to think. I heard the hardest part is leaving your first area. I know it's going to be hard for me.

Yeah, things are pretty expensive. But I'm good for now I think. Maybe somemore hand-sanitizer... Haha and treats. 

Yeah, I was sick again... But I'm better. All is well. 

Oh yeah, those baptism pics are good. Found out that as long as the ordinance hasn't started, they're ok. 

Thank you for everything! Strive to be missionarys yourselves! Love you! Take care!

Elder Fraley

The boat


Zone Conference with the Dutch Elders!
First Root Beer in 6 months!

I woke up right before Elder Call took the pic, so I thought I'd play along.

Trip back
Everyone is sad to be going home
Drive back. I was squished!

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