Monday, April 14, 2014

Working hard

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So everything is going great! The work is tough but it's coming well. We had a baptism last Saturday and the Elders in Lamentin had one too! "C" and "S"! "C" was baptized by her recent convert boyfriend, which was really cool! And "S" was baptized by Elder Drennan! 

Also, We finally got a senior couple down here, they're great! My first ones! The Turners, they're from Canada!

Elder Dayton and I are working hard at trying to help this group grow. We planned a BBQ for the group next Saturday, hopefully that'll turn out and be edifying for the members and investigators! 

Yeah Elder Dayton and I get along, he's a good missionary! His French is really good too, so I'll learns lots from him. 

Conference was great! The talks were very edifying and inspirational. Many of which touched my heart. 

Same old same old! Pres. Mehr comes in tomorrow and then Zone Conference is next week! Should be exciting! 

Love you all!!! Especially you mom!! :)

Take care!

Elder Fraley

Elder Drennan and "S"

Baptism with the help of Frère Lagrand, our group leader

With Pres. Occolier - Branch President of Fort-de-France

From his email to me:

Martinique is beautiful!!! I love it! The members are awesome, the work is a little harder. People are friendlier in FG, but they're still great! Elder Dayton is great! Yeah, a lot of people ask if we're brothers. It's funny, I'm still Elder Doctor. Elder Johnston called me frantically asking about the appendix because he thought his burst. Pretty funny. Had a baptism last Saturday! Pretty cool! "C" is awesome, super strong testimony.

Not much else! Conference was great! I loved those talks too! 

Take care Ash! Love you!!! :)

Elder Fraley

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