Monday, April 21, 2014

Sang a duet in big deal!

Easter was good! Elder Dayton and I actually sang a duet in church. "Ce Matin La". I think it's "That Easter Morn" in English. It went well I think! 

 I'm really excited for this zone conference! Flying in to Guadeloupe should be fun. The Turners are great, love them! They're funny. Very helpful too! It's nice having a senior couple for a change.

Haha I figured you guys would be watching that or Ben Hur. That's crazy! No earthquakes here though!

Pres. Mehr came to Martinique last Tuesday to do a fire-side with the branch. And we did our interviews then. Yeah, I'll let you know about the skyping thing, don't worry. You'll probably get to meet Elder Dayton. We're thinking we'll be with each other another transfer. 

As far as goals and numbers go, probably the worst I've had on my mission. None of our investigators are progressing. I'm thinking we're just going to have to clear the board and start fresh. It's hard to get members to work with us, considering we only have about 11. Its tough. Not sure what is most effective in this case.. 

Other than that, Elder Dayton and I are doing well. We continue to pray for miracles and we're working hard. It is a blessing to be serving these people.

Not much new. We moved out of the home into a smaller apartment :(  We used to hold the group in our house and that became the church building for the group, but missionaries can't be living in the same building, so we had to move out. The new apartment is nice though. 

Love you mom and dad! 

Elder Fraley

Pres. Mehr, Elder Dalton and Elder Fraley

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