Monday, May 5, 2014

Zone conference in Guadeloupe

Sorry this is a week late...I was on vacation! 

Zone conference was very edifying, as usual! First time to Guadeloupe, but from what I saw, I think Martinique is prettier! The Elders there are great! Wish I got to serve around all of them. I was really looking forward to seeing my "dad" in Guadeloupe. (first companion in mission field which was Elder Santos) He's the Zone leader there. Elder Santos is doing great! Haha It was good seeing him again. 

The missionaries from St. Martin are awesome too! That package from Emily really made my day! The peanut butter bars and banana bread were really good! The other missionaries enjoyed them too! 

(My sister, Emily, lives in St. Martin with her husband who is going to Med school. She's been able to meet Aaron's mission President before and she also got to meet the sister missionaries in St. Martin and talk to them a few weeks ago. After she realized that the missionaries would be seeing Aaron at Zone Conf., she asked them to take some homemade goodies to him! He sent some gifts for my mom back to Emily and she'll get to bring them out here when she visits this summer. It's neat to have Emily living in the same mission to help get things to him or send him packages!)

I'm glad you like the gifts! I thought you would! :) 

Haha yeah, everybody asks if we're brothers. Everyone asks that anyways, because both of our names are the same (Elder), but yeah, we get it a lot more often. (we think he and his companion resemble each other!)

The Turners are the best, so nice! I'm very grateful to have them around. (there is a missionary couple in his area that took a video of the Elders singing a hymn in French and sent it to their moms. My mom was excited to see it!)

The back is slowly getting better. Still hurting, but it's better. No worries. 

Great week and finished it with a great weekend! We held a BBQ for our group at the church Saturday, where we cleaned up the yard of the church, did some activities, and ate well. Every member of the group came out and all of them participated, bringing food to eat as well. We had several investigators come too, who got to meet the members. We also set 2 baptismal dates with them. We got nothing but good comments about how well it went, the members really enjoyed it. It was fantastic. Because of that, our church attendance Sunday was 18! Really exciting to see it double, filling the room. 

The members are great! We are very blessed! 

Love you all! 

Elder Fraley

This a memorial of an African slave ship that sunk, killing some several hundred captives. Really sad story. 

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