Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Salut, je suis Elder Fraley et je suis de Luxembourg!

This is the family letter we received today!


Salut! (hi)

Can I just say, I. Can't. Wait. To. Get. Out. I feel bad for the Tahitians; they're here for 12 weeks. 7 weeks is enough for me. Especially since I've been sick for 6 of the 7.

Woke up at 3:30 this morning, to send Elder Eshiet off! Kind of sad. (Haha, I told him all about Mama Jen and the fam. (and Dad, he's really appreciated your answers. We've shared some of those questions. He thinks you're one cool smart dad. I brag to my district quite often about my fam.) But hey, he's going to write Abby and Mom/Dad. So don't be alarmed Abby!)

About the pictures, I can't wait to see them. Frere Mayne said, "always carry pictures of you with your family and friends. So you can show your "Amis des L'eglise" (friends of the church) that you're normal." So...if I can get some? Of my family and some pics of me with my friends?

How was Jonathan's b-day!? Crazy! Can't believe he's 16. This summer went by fast! Abby and Jonny, are you two excited for school? Abby, make this year count. Have fun. Enjoy it. Senior year! Jonny, have fun also, but stay out of trouble and take it seriously. I expect A's and B's. Abby, all A's. Not that Jonny can't accomplish that, its just that guys aren't as motivated as girls are when it comes to high school grades. You know...

Last Tuesday, devotional: speaker Richard G Scott (no big deal)
Also: First ever, international MTC broadcast to all MTC's, sang in choir. Pretty sure I was on camera twice! (also no big deal!)

So actually, Richard G Scott is a lot smaller in person. Tiny, little old man. However, the spirit that entered with him, not so small. As soon as he walked in, everyone stood up, and the spirit poured in. My body instantly swelled with heat, as, what seemed to be "electricity", shot through my veins. Goosebumps. The spirit filled the entire Marriott Center. The arena nearly wasn't big enough, to contain this witness from heaven. I know, without a doubt, that Richard G Scott is a man of God and called of God.

He gave a powerful talk on prayer. I'll never pray, or think/talk about prayer the same.

We also received two apostolic blessings:
"To all you Elders speaking language, I bless you that the Lord will help you as long as you have faith in him."
"I invoke a blessing on those learning a language. That you may receive the gift of tongues, as you act in faith."
Pretty cool!

Wednesday: every Wednesday, Elder Lever and I watch the new missionaries being dropped off. Kind of fun. I also found out that July 10th, the MTC had the most new missionaries it had ever seen come in.

Thursday: in-field orientation all day, went to several teaching workshops. Got me pumped to get out there!

Friday: received our travel plans! August 26th, 2:30 am (when they leave the MTC) SLC to Houston, Houston to Trinidad.

*Also, whenever Elders/Sisters ask where I'm from, I act like I only speak French. Having my companion translate for me. I tell them I'm from Luxembourg, then they freak out! They think its the coolest thing. Haha. The Sisters love it! After all, it is the language of love! Haha. But after keeping this going for several days, we break the news to them, because we feel bad...Still fun. Believe it or not, its a great way to make friends!

Saturday and Sunday: Just the usual.

And yes, I get to call home. I can either call from SLC, but it would be early, around 4 am. Or call from Houston, but it would be later. Or both!? Just let me know.

Still have the bronchitis...slowly going away. I've had it my whole MTC stay.

I think I get an hour to email this Saturday as well. So I'll talk to you guys later!

A la prochaine!

Elder Fraley

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