Monday, August 19, 2013

Picture update: only 1 week left in the MTC!

Pictures! Hopefully we'll get a letter in the next day or two! I know that Elder Fraley departs from the MTC next Monday, August 26th at 6:30am. It sounds like his first area will be Guadeloupe for several months while they wait on visas for the other islands. Most of the missionaries go there first and say its pretty neat because out of all the islands, the culture and food, etc are the most similar to actually being in France! Elder Fraley is very excited to leave the MTC and head out to the mission field!

Thought I would share something funny. I babysit two kiddos and today I overheard a conversation between my daughter, Bella (3yrs), and Nathan (4yrs) during lunch time.

Bella: I didn't hear the first part of what she said..."the empty sea"
Nathan: "What's the empty sea?"
Bella: "That's where Aaron lives."
Nathan: "But he can't live there because the empty sea has no water in it!"
Me: "Nathan, Bella is talking about the MTC, the Missionary Training Center. That's where her Uncle Aaron is right now because he's on a mission." 
Nathan: OH!

Our Temple walk yesterday

Elder Lever is such a goof-ball!

We might pick up modeling for the Church

Anziano Parker! Love this kid. Best buds for life!

Just chillin' in the Italian residence. (Italians aren't as cool as the French missionaries)

The "District". With the BEST teachers, Frere Mayne (Christoph) and Soeur Wilson.



Elder Choi, from the Montreal district. haha he's hilarious

Elder Eshiet : hurt his back (left today actually. It's not the same without our black elder)

Elder Lever and I. Best companion!

Elder Erickson and I. We didn't plan to match. He heads out to Halifax tomorrow. Good kid, great missionary.

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