Friday, August 16, 2013

Quick update

This week we got another family letter from Elder Fraley. I left out a few personal things but there's still a decent update from him! :)


Last Monday, Tuesday, nothing new happened...

Wednesday: 44 new French Elders! Crazy. Our residence is crazy now!

Thursday: Possibly my last TRC. Taught 40 min lesson to 16 yr old member from Lyon, France. She is way cool! The spirit is always so strong in those lessons.

Friday & Saturday: Nothing. However, Elder Eshiest, is deathly afraid of snakes...we hid a rubber snake in his clothes. He screamed like a little girl! Too funny.

Sunday: I love Sundays! Spiritual revival.

Today: Busy! I finally was able to go to the temple. It's been closed since I've been here, due to remodeling. Saw the new video. Mixed feelings about it...not as great as everyone made it seem. Still good though, modern.

I still have bronchitis...5 weeks has really taken a toll on my body...But, I think it's finally started (slowly) to fade. Maybe. I am often needing to clear my throat...haha reminds me of Dad; I sound just like him. Haha.

I can't believe school is starting up soon...time flies. I'm excited for Abby and Jonny.

I appreciate all of the thoughts & prayers. I've noticed the tender mercies that have come from them.

Elder Fraley

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