Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo


Glad to hear you're all moved in? Any pics of the new house? How you likin' it? 

What a week... "Wasting and wearing out our lives" in service. Spent the entire week doing service and hurricane clean-up. One of the best weeks of my mission. There is no greater work. 

I have been truly humbled. I just can't believe some people live the way they do... I didn't think it could get worse than it was, until the hurricane. Nearly brought to tears, seeing people lose EVERYTHING from that hurricane and seeing houses and property destroyed. I never forget some of the things I've seen....

Monday was the hurricane (Gonzalo)
Tuesday, spent day at church cleaning up the property. Trees were destroyed and up-rooted. So we spent the day pruning, cutting, pulling, and cleaning. 
Wednesday we went around helping people all day. Pretty exhausting day. Lots of cuts and scrapes. But I wouldn't want it to come from anything else!
Thursday was a bit of a break, especially for our bodies. Had planning and meetings all day. 
Friday we put a roof back on a ladies house. It was completely ripped off by the winds and storm. The whole house received flooding and water damage. More cuts, scrapes, and burns. 
Saturday, we went to the Zoo and cleaned up the fallen trees and branches there. I'm surprised the building is still standing because just about every  tree was either up-rooted, split in half, or mangled and broken in one way or another. Several relief and service groups showed up for that. But I honestly think we did the most work. Unfortunately, there's still a LOT to do there. So we'll be back. 

looks like this week will be similar. Lots of clean up to do. Sister Derr will send lots of pics. 

Transfers.. Elder Wade is going back to Guadeloupe and I'll be with Elder Pratt again

Well, got to go! Love you! Take care!

Elder Fraley

Just some of the damage...

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