Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Courageous servants of the Lord VS the biggest dog/bear in the Caribbean!

Bonjour! ça va?

Yeah, I'm not sure what it was. I just had a bad night. But I'm good now. Back to normal. (Aaron was really sick one night last week...maybe food poisoning or something.) 

Yeah! The Sunday before General Conference, we went over to their place (Emily and Nolan's abode) and created a mission plan with them. Sister Derr's assignment was to bear her testimony to one more person each week. So the first week, 1 person. Second week, 2 people, and so forth. She also had 2 weeks to share the Book of Mormon with her friend. I'm very proud of her too!

Yeah, can't wait to see those pictures! How's Dad's foot doing? Fall break!? Wow, Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Yeah he told me about that. I had no idea he was interested in that either. (Jonny joined FBLA at school) 

That's something I miss, Autumn! Fall weather, colors, and smells... 

So I realized I hardly ever share stories... So I will try to share experiences more often. But this past week, we had an experience of faith and diligence. 

We teach a boy who lives half the way up a huge hill. Around 8:50 on night, we got done teaching him and had 10 min to continue working. We looked up the rest of the hill and saw a big house at the very top. The hill got a lot steeper towards the top. It would probably take another 5 or 7 min just to hike up it! But since we're fearless, we accepted the challenge! About 3/4 of the way up, we contacted another house. A guy came out telling us he wasn't interested and that we were crazy to be contacting at this hour... He also went on to inform us that nobody was home at the house on the top. But since we're courageous servants of the Lord, we kept going anyway. We were greeted by 4 barking and very angry dogs. We got close enough to call in, without stepping into their territory. We called in and from around the corner, the BIGGEST dog/bear in the Caribbean(at least) came around the corner. We took a couple steps backward and shielded our bodies with our bikes. We swallowed and straightened our ties and recovered the distance that we had lost from the house and called in again. The dogs barked louder and the bear got closer (It was twice the size of the Beast from the Sandlot). Finally, a woman came out. We greeted her and explained why two white men in white shirts and ties had knocked on her door this late at night and that we would like to share our message with her. She gave us a rdv for another day and we got out of there as quickly as possible. Good times.

Love you! Have a great week! 

Elder Fraley

I found a baseball diamond!! It just might be the only one in this mission... I was freaking out.. haha

Also found this sign on the French side! weird...

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