Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goodbye St. Martin...Hello Gwada!

Gwada!! I've finally done "the tour". It's good to be here. There's a lot of work to do and Elder Johnston and I are gonna kick butt! He's from Minnesota/Arkansas. This is his last transfer. We were in the same zone in Martinique for 1 transfer and he's been in Gwada since. It's been a while since I've had a companion from Utah. It's nice that way. It shows that not all Mormons come from the same community in UT. We've got a much bigger zone here. it's nice to see Elder Rivera again. We've got a great group of missionaries. 

It's very green here, compared to St Martin. And a whole lot bigger. it's two islands up from Martinique. It's much like Martinique, very French. St.Martin was very American-ized. 

It was hard to say goodbye, but unlike past areas, I had no regrets, looking back on the island from the plane. I was very calm and at peace. I know I worked hard and did my best and I knew the Lord was pleased. It's a very unique feeling. I am gonna miss it though.

The branch here, in Lamentin, is so strong, probably the strongest in the mission. I received a warm welcome. We had an area seventy in the branch, Elder Gamiette. He was the former mission pres. 

I'm excited to get to work here. Elder Johnston and I are really going to be focusing on family mission plans and member work. We're excited to see what fruit that will bring. 

I love it. Sprinting to the finish.

Love you! Have a good week! 

Elder Fraley

Saying Goodbye in St. Martin:

Jean-Marc and I

Ann-Marie and kay-kay

The Wilson family! 

Jeremy! (future young mens president) We found him doing service!

The Constant family

Walquidis (Chi-chi)


The Huggins Family

Elder and Sister Thompson

Maho Beach in St.Martin

Guadeloupe from the air

The zone!

Sister's baptism!

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