Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Interesting teaching experience...

Week was good! We had an interesting teaching experience this past week. We went to a place called Colombier. It's very secluded and has its own culture. Really weird. People are very kind there. We had a rdv with a guy named Alan, who btw loves the BoM and has shared it with about 5 of his friends. Alan was running late, so we went around, gathering as much people as we could, telling them we were about to share something really important, something they've never heard before, with Alan, down by the shop. Ten minutes later, we arrived at the shop to find about 10 people sitting in a circle, awaiting our arrival. We sat in the two empty seats and started off by introducing ourselves and asked if we could start with a prayer. We prayed, and went into the lesson and with a much enthusiasm and energy as possible, shared our message about the restoration. As we taught this decently-sized group of people, I could feel (as it was a literal feeling) the Spirit speak, teach, and testify through us. It was very powerful. As we taught, I looked around to see all eyes fixed on us. They were content. Happy to be learning. Comfortable. At peace. And (most) were actively engaged in the lesson (even with so much distraction: passing cars, kids playing soccer near-by, etc.). Immediately, the Spirit testified to me that those feelings were the feelings and fruits of the Spirit. These weren't feelings of confusion, restlessness, anger, or fear. But feelings of light, joy, peace, understanding, and comfort. We wrapped up our message by testifying of the truths that were taught. But those feelings of happiness, peace, and warmth, were interrupted by an unmistakable cry for help. Screams from a young-man filled the air. He screamed (for his life it seemed like) as you could actually hear the blows of something striking his body. Nobody knew what to do, because we couldn't find the source of the screams. The screaming went on for about 15-20 seconds. I looked around at everyone in the circle and could only find expressions of fear, helplessness, and confusion. I had felt so happy, excited, and I could feel Christ's love; just minutes prior. The atmosphere quickly went from light and warm to dark, heavy, and cold. I was in shock. I felt anger and frustration and thoughts of revenge to the man or men who attacked what seemed to be a helpless young man. Of course I didn't know the exact situation, but I wanted revenge nonetheless. That man or those men would for bringing harm to that boy. I was so confused. Some men went running toward the sound and we wrapped up our lesson, quickly closed with a prayer and left the community. Apparently the boy wasn't severely injured. which I'm grateful for. But I learned an important lesson about "the fruits of the Spirit". The messages that we shared only brought feelings of love. The evil that that man rendered brought feelings of anger and contention. I've never witnessed such a contrast of the two as I recently had. This message is true. I know it with all my heart. I know that God loves each and every one of us. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored.

Hope that made sense. 

Went on some incredible exchanges with Elder Rivera and Elder Hardy this past week. Great missionaries. 

Elder Pratt and I are still together. Soon 5 transfers in total! 

We're working hard and the Lord is blessing us! I guess the next time you go to the temple, really focus on how you feel. 

Love you all!

Elder Fraley

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