Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving and transfer calls

Haha no worries! We had a good Thanksgiving with the Thompsons and the rest of the zone. Transfer calls came. Elder Pratt and I are staying together again (4 transfers!), Elder Malyon is leaving to Trinidad and Elder Grange is coming in as a former Zone Leader to replace him. He's awesome, met him at the MLC in Trinidad. Sister Grigg is going home and Sister Mitchelle will be training. We will also be adding 2 more French missionaries to the island! Elder Miyasaki and a new Elder from Belgium! Funny, Elder Pratt, Grange, and Miyasaki all die together. It will be a lot of fun here with 8 missionaries. 

Elder Pratt and I are doing well. We get along great. We've had 3 transfers to get to know each other. He's a great missionary/friend. We have several baptisms coming up, so we're super excited. This area has baptized once in the past year and a half. We're about to change that.

 I told Ashley the pie we ate at Topper's wasn't nearly as good as Dad's. I was rather disappointed. 

Today, We're going to go out to eat again to send off Sister Grigg and Elder Malyon before they leave Wednesday. Great missionaries. 

Well, an exciting transfer will be coming up! Lots of things and experiences to come. December should be good! Love you all!

I love cruise ships!!

Sweet sunset!

Watched the sun rise with the zone this morning. That's St. Barts off in the distance

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